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Now let me see....other interests......apart from Haflingers and Pinzgauers!


Well basically I'm interested in anything "mechanical" although 4WD's and all things associated with them are my main passion.

Most of my additional interests are somewhat tenuously linked to 4WD's......eg:


        Military Vehicles

        Vehicle Engineering

        Vehicle restoration

        GPS's and mapping

        Engineering and Welding


Yet another interest I have recently taken to heart  involves my recumbent trike as it satisfies my keeness for unique, utilitarian vehicles ...... it's the Pinzgauer-Haflinger of the HPV world.


My Recumbent Trike



4WDriving also allows me the freedom to do one outdoor activity I really love....namely camping!

I love to get out in the bush and sit around the campfire with a "cuppa" listening to a good joke!


(Campfires.......I really LOVE a good campfire!)




Hmmm...lets see what else, well  I guess computers.


Ohh yes, there's one more.......I recently brought a "real" stockmans whip and I'm keen to learn the real attributes of making that incredible sound.


That's enough...after all there are only 24 hours in a day!