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Recumbent Trike.


Some years ago my doctor told me to lose weight, so I took up "walking", but I found it boring (always thinking I could be spending my time more productively in the workshop, 4WDriving etc) so I brought a bicycle. I rode it for a year but really didn't enjoy that either as I generally like things with motors, so I thought I'd never find an "exercise" that would suit me!

I was wrong.... About 6 months ago I purchased a recumbent trike and I must say I enjoy riding it.

As far a "human powered vehicles" (HPV)  go I've never been a big fan, but the trike is for me the only HPV that comes close to satisfying my requirements for a vehicle.

Yes, you have to pedal it, but otherwise it's unique design and aesthetic and the fact that I consider it a vehicle rather than a bicycle (it's got 3 wheels) is a bonus, but one of the things I really like is that my trike ideally suits and fits my keeness for unique, utilitarian vehicles ...... it's the Pinzgauer-Haflinger of the HPV world.