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Buln Buln Revisited



Latitude South 37 54 Latitude East 146 00



The Pine Plantation north of Noojee has long been a popular 4WDriving area, but unfortunately recent logging of the area has seen many favourite tracks closed or destroyed as the harvestors move in........however a few  good tracks still prevail if you just know where to look.


Just a hundred metres or so from the beginning of the track and already the trip looks interesting.

The first few hundred metres of track were indicative of the conditions and terrain of what was to come. 

The first big bog hole was interesting as the wheel ruts on the exit were excessively deep.

.....but the Pinzgauer made it through and out the other side with the help of the Swampers.

The second option to tackle the bog hole shown above, was to dive into the quagmire and power out, up a slightly gentler slope, however the bottom of this "hole" was not nearly as firm as the first option, as Fletch soon found out.

That exit stage of that first bog hole was a real doozey, as the slick hard packed clay in the bottom of those deep wheel ruts did little to increase traction

At one point we thought Nigel was going to try both the SAME time!

"Fletch" is not afraid to use the Rangie for what it was really designed to do and more than often he can get the vehicle through situations where other makes of 4WD's would flounder.

This track sure had some interesting sections.