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Glenburn revisited! 



         Latitude:     South 37 15 Latitude East 146 14





In late March 2003 my friend Nigel Gamblin (refer HERE for information on his vehicle) had some friends from Switzerland over for a brief visit and he asked if I was interested in coming on a "day run" he was organising to introduce them to the Victorian bush.

The following pictures are of his friends "introductry tour" to our bush!


Tony Michael came along as photographer for the day and the images below were extracted from the video he took during the day.

A short clip of the days video can be seen HERE



An interesting "section" in the track.....note that the front left wheel is actually off the ground.

That holes almost deeper than the vehicle . 

Note the depth compared to the Pinny roof.

.....that's mud not water!

A nice shot of Nigel's Land Rover.

.....and who would think that we are currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in history in Australia.

What are you doing in there Tony!

It certainly was a wet trip!

Err...Tony, the tracks straight ahead!

Heading for home after a great day out!