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      Latitude South 37 52  Latitude East 145 45

We were out on a weekend trip, when we came across a track we haven't used in years.

The last time we "climbed" the track (probably 5 years ago) my Pinzgauer was shod with 255-85X16 BFG Mud Terrain tyres and it was raining, and had been for a number of days.......the result was that it took my passenger and myself 5 hours to hand winch the vehicle over a number of steep and precarious "steps".


Nigel takes an interesting line!

Now it's my turn in the Pizgauer

....a little bit of manouvering around a rock in the centre of the track and.....

then it's just a matter of staying out of the ruts.

Now it's Tony's turn in the Range Rover!

Further on in the trip the terrain changed dramatically and once again we were back in muddy conditions.

....but it's always provides for a lot of fun!