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         Latitude:     South 37 15 Latitude East 146 14





In mid July 2003 a few friends (whose vehicles are all on "My friends page".....refer HERE ) set out for a  day in the bush around Narbethong. 

It started out quite cold and damp but as is often the case in Winter in Victoria by afternoon it had turned into quite a nice day.


A short clip of the days video can be seen HERE



That step or "drop" into the first boghole is a real doosey!

Have a look at the rear wheel movement . 

Colin went for a bit of a "scouting run" to guage the depth of the water / mud in the original entrance.

.....Is that a Pinzgauer I see hiding behind that fern????

Tony & Gunella's vehicle looking as capable as ever.

Everybody "slipped and slid" down this hill into the boghole at the bottom.

....including Tony, who did it in spectacular style, with all wheels firmly locked!

....but Tony made the "best" entrance!

....and before we knew it the day was over and the vehicles all ready for another run in the not "too distant" future.