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      Latitude South 37 52  Latitude East 145 45


This turned out to be another excellent trip organised by Colin and Andrew and although only three vehicles participated we had nine people in total.

The trip started out by re-running a track we did last year but in the reverse direction this time, then moving on to find a track Andrew knew about but hadn't done for some time. This particular track proved most interesting and although not extremely difficult it did at times test the  vehicles manoeuvring ability while providing a most entertaining ride.

A great time was had by all who participated and I'm sure it won't be too long before we revisit the area.


As soon as we got to the top of the first track we knew the harder section down in the gully was going to be interesting, as the "way ahead" was very slippery and this was supposed to be an easy section.

Here you see Colin negotiate the track as it drops down into the gully.

Next came Nigel in the Land Rover.....

.....then me!

The size of the rocks, depth of the ruts, the steepness and the slippery conditions all combined to make the drive down into the gully section quite interesting.

After the first section we took a number easier tracks till we finally arrived at the "finale" in the mid afternoon.

For virtually the whole length of the track we were continually in and out of muddy sections and bog holes....FANTASTIC!

Further along the track a number of rock steps you see one of the larger ones with the Pinzgauer sitting at the top.

.....and the Pinny on it's way down!

....and theirs Colin in that mud again.

Towards the end of the track it was beginning to get dark but fortunately everyone made it through without recovery.

At times it was hard to see the vehicles as the steam and mud flew. 

Here you see Nigel climbing out of one of the final bog holes.