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Can I change the colour of my dash to another colour?

Yes!!. Neil has developed a kit to do this contact RUSH IMPORTS for more info.

My electric driver's seat won't move backwards or forwards but the motor sounds like it's trying to work. What has gone wrong?

There has been instances where the drive for the electric motor on one rail has failed. This has been documented in the Clublexus.com Forums. Check out this link.....SEAT FAILURE

My Remote boot release button under my dash doesn't work. Any ideas?

Check that the barrel next to the switch is not pushed in. Use your ign key and turn it see if it pops out.

Can I get rid of the annoying beeping when reversing, or when I have the door open?

There are two “beepers” in the dash. The reversing beeper can be removed easily...Follow this link DASH REMOVAL The warning beeps are from a second beeper behind the cluster...this should not be removed. The door chime is located behind the main fuse box at the driver's feet, light brown in colour. DOOR CHIME REMOVAL

What type of oil is recommended for the Automatic Transmission...??

The recommended Automatic transmission fluid  is Toyota Type IV. DO NOT USE DEXTRON II AS IT MAY SAY THIS ON YOUR DIPSTICK!!. The Toyota part number is 08886-01705 prior to 2002. After 2002 the can is now black in 4 ltr size...The Toyota part no. is now  08886-81015. purchase through your local Toyota dealer.

http://planetsoarer.com/autotrans/autotrans.htm     Engine oil:  http://planetsoarer.com/OilAnalysis/OilAnalysis.htm

What are the light bulbs in the high beam / low beam? Where can I get them?

The original light bulbs are 9005 for the low beam, and 9006 for the high beam. Globes are available locally for replacement

Check out this great link .....  HEADLIGHT CLEANING AND GLOBE REPLACEMENT  Thanks to Peter Scott


How do I get the lights on without the key in the ignition?

Because the lights switch off with the ignition (and lighting conditions via the sensor in the dash, if in “Auto”), most people don’t try the obvious, which is to switch the light off and then on again.

What is the red button near the gear change lever for?

This allows you to get the gearbox out of Park when no key is in the ignition, or the battery is flat. Certain fault conditions also cause the transmission interlock to be inoperable. IE: If your stop lights are not working, The electrical interlock will not allow the Shift lever from the Park position. Then the button can be used to get the transmission out of park so that the car may be driven.

Can I wind the windows up without the key in the ignition?

Yes, open the door, the electric window winders will now work!  This is also true for the Sun Roof. This will only work for the first door opening after the key has been removed. Once the door has been shut again, you will need to use the ignition key. IF YOUR CAR DOES NOT DO THIS IT MAY OF BEEN DISCONNECTED FOR RAWS COMPLIANCE. Please e-mail me for repair details.

My car beeps at me when I remove the key from the ignition and open the door, what causes this?

If it is not the usual door open beep, check that the Sun Roof is completely closed.

I’ve been told my car doesn’t have traction control, how can I tell?

Under the bonnet, just forward of the firewall, on the engine, there is a Thin rectangular black box with several cables entering/exiting the unit. (One obviously goes to the throttle body), Cars with traction control have TRC in lettering on the top of this unit. (The braking system is also different)  Alternatively, there are 3 cables entering this box on the far side of the car if traction control is installed, and only two on the standard ABS car. 
(Far side means the drivers side, the near side is the passengers side. Derived from distance from the road kerbing for the vehicle.)

(given that my car had the button, but not the control)

My car is running rough, but the diagnostics show no fault, what can I do?

Try pulling the ECU fuse. Remove it for at least 90 seconds. The ECU will then “forget” its previous settings and will “train up” for approximately 4 kilometres before it essentially back to “Normal”. (Actually, the ECU is “learning/training” all the time, based on the LAMBDA (oxygen) sensor and the pre-detonation  detector, amongst other things.) If this doesn’t improve the roughness, you will need to diagnose the problem in more detail.  

Check your spark plug leads.

There may be a fault with your fuel pump.

You could have a faulty ignition coil.

You may have melted down one or more of the catalytic converters, this causes the exhaust to be blocked!

The catalytic converter overheat symbol has displayed in my dash, what does this mean?

You probably have a fault with your ignition system. In this situation, unburnt fuel is “burning” in the catalytic converter. It is important that you do not drive the car far when this condition occurs as the catalytic converters will melt down. This can be expensive to repair. Also a failing alternator can cause this fault. Also see two questions down...

My car runs rough, and always has done.

If your car is fitted with a MPH converter, this could be the problem. Not all MPH conversion were done correctly and this disturbs the entire tuning of the car. (like the proportioning of the power steering, the gearbox change characteristics, the automatic lowering (of cars fitted with TEMs, or active suspension)

My alternator Light just came on …

If your car is a V8, odds are that you have a leaking Power Steering pump. This causes failure of the alternator. (Except for the active V8, which has a different position for the power steering pump.)

My car will not exceed about 180 kph, what’s wrong?

Nothing, Japanese law apparently requires a speed restriction at 179 kph. To remove this restriction requires aftermarket electronics fitted to the car. Even after a car is delimited, there are generally problems with the auto transmission shift pattern above 180 kph.

What does the switch in the boot marked TEMS do? (Soarer GT and GT-L only)

It switches off the electronic Suspension. When this switch is in the off position, a light in the dash (picture required) will illuminate indicating this condition. To avoid damage to the air suspension, the TEMS should be switched off when the car wheels are lifted from the ground. (Either by jacking, or on a hoist.)

My headlights fill up with water / have a dull finish, can this be fixed?

The units may be dis-assembled and cleaned. The plastic exterior of the headlights can be improved by polishing. If the interior of the headlights is dull, they can be disassembled and cleaned.

I’m about to buy a Lexus/Soarer, but am worried about spare parts, since these cars were not original imports to this country.

With few exceptions, there are no problems. Many parts can be sourced from a local Toyota dealer. Many LS400 parts are identical. Dozens of companies around Australia import Japanese mechanical parts. Engine / gearbox parts are no problem, about Aus $1500..$2500 will buy second hand engine or engine and gearbox, sometimes including the electronics package (Engine ECU). It may not be originally a Soarer package though.  Many wreckers also bring in half-cuts from Japan, so try some of the wreckers in your area.

Can I get a spare key for my car?

Yes, many locksmiths will be able to supply/cut a new key, unfortunately, it will not have the remote door opening facility. To get a genuine key would be very expensive, as it must have a matching receive unit.

What are the recommended service intervals for my car?

Oil every 5000 Kms. Oil & Oil filter every 10000 km Plugs, leads, oils and filters at 100 000 Kms. CAM belt at 140 - 160 000 Kms.
Air filter 20 000 Kms.

Shockers / Struts at approximately 80 - 100 000 Kms.

Why doesn’t the ultrasonic cleaner and heater on the mirrors work?

Australian compliance requires that the curved mirror on the driver’s side be replaced with a flat unit. The passenger side mirror, however may remain curved. (Wind down the passenger window,  activate the cleaner, the squeal should be audible, If there is water on the mirror, eventually steam should be seen)

My steering seems to pull depending on road conditions (tramlining), how can this be fixed?

My tram lining disappeared when I increased the tyre pressure. Ensure equal tyre pressure in the front tyres, and the rear tyres. (Front to rear pressures do not need to be equal.) Unequal front tyre pressures increase the tramline effect!

I can’t get my car out of park!

Firstly, you need to have your foot on the brake before the gear stick interlock will release. If it still misbehaves, check your taillights, If these are out, you’ve probably blown the 10 amp (15 amp?) Stop light fuse. Replacing the fuse should cure the problem. This fuse is located in the fuse box above the kick panel near the accelerator pedal. (Awkward position, have fun!)

I can’t get my key out of the ignition!

To get the key out of the ignition, the car needs to be in park. There have been cases of a dirty transmission switch not detecting the park position (verifiable by the gear display in the dash). Wiggling/pushing the gear lever usually causes the contacts to mate correctly.  For a better/more permanent fix, the switch may require cleaning

What does the switched marked PWR / NORM on the transmission console do?

The PWR / NORM switch alters the way the automatic transmission behaves. The gear change points are affected. On the UZZ32 Active V8 model the PWR position firms up the suspension.

What does the switched marked High / Low on the transmission console do?

The High / Low switch alters the ride hight of TEMS equipped vehicles. The effect is hard to discern, but can easily be measured with a ruler.

What does the switched marked Sports / Normal on the transmission console do?

The Sports / Norm switch alters the damping rates on cars equipped with TEMS. Active equipped Soarers (may?) also have a similar switch which affects ride quality.

What does the button / keyhole above the bonnet opening latch inside the car do?

This button disables the boot lid opener switch next to the button when it is pressed in. To re-activate the boot opening switch, you need to insert the ignition key and turn counter clockwise, and the button will pop back out.

What does the switch on the gear lever do?

The switch on the gear lever activates the overdrive capability of the vehicle. When O/D is on, the vehicle will select the 4th gear, and all the auto shift points will be altered. With it off, the transmission shift points are different (“Sportier”) but the selection of  4th gear is disabled. When the Switch is off (out) there should be an lite indicator in the dash that says “O/D OFF”.

My suspension seems to be faulty. Can this be fixed?

If you have a UZZ32 active suspension four wheel steer Soarer, the suspension can easily be repaired.

http://planetsoarer.com/UZZ32/uzz32struts.htm to rebuild the struts

 http://planetsoarer.com/UZZ32/UZZ32bleed.htm to bleed the struts.

Only for Soarers with chassis number starting with UZZ32.

Otherwise, NO, you cannot fix normal suspension! (only joking)

My car stalls on hot days, but seems okay after a while, how can I fix this?

On V8's, The fuel pump ECU is potentially faulty, in rare cases, it may actually be the pump itself.

My fuel gauge does not read correctly, how can I fix this?

Don’t know, has anyone ever fixed that problem?

When I tried to start my car, nothing happened, I could hear loud clicking sounds come from under the bonnet?

Your car battery is probably flat. What you can hear is the starter motor solenoid / Bendix throw-out. When the starter motor connects and the battery is flat, there is insufficient current available, and the solenoid drops back out. As the battery volts then rise, the solenoid attempts to pull back in and the cycle is then repeated.

Are there any mechanics / workshops you would recommend  for work on my car?

Please look in the links page. If you feel you could recommend somebody, please E-MAIL  Some suggested starting places

I have been told that Soarers have seat heaters, how do I switch them on?

Not all Soarers have heated seats. If you do have seat heaters there are switches located on the door trims next to the controls for the memory seats.

Many cars with Traction Control have heated front seats. This was what Toyota termed their 'Cold Climate Pack' and was designed for cars which were going to operate in the snow during Winter.

I have been told that Soarers have seat belt heaters, how do I switch them on?

Not all Soarers had heated seat belts . Due to the Australian compliance requirements the seat belts have been replaced with belts that comply with ADR. (Australian Design Regulations) The heated seat belts were removed!

I have been told that Soarers can memorise two seat positions, How can I set the positions?

Not all Soarers were fitted with this capability, if your car does not have two buttons on the drivers door marked “1” and “2” respectively, your car does not have the facility fitted.

I have been told that it is easy to lower the Soarer?

If it has TEMS or active suspension, yes, it is easy. Lowering your Soarer   However, Soarers that have coil spring struts are not as easily lowered

My car runs just great when cold, but seems sluggish when it warms up, what’s wrong? (all things are relative)

The engine fuel mixture is very much richer when cold, also a slow start facility is designed into the gearbox. A permanently fix this “problem” is currently being researched, but it will require aftermarket electronics (ECU mods, either internal, or external) (or the US torque converter fix)