Fedora on a Dell

Fedora Core 2 on a Dell Inspiron 8600

Multiple ServerLayout Summary.

Now that I am starting to use some of these configurations more often, particularly monitor out, the issue of being able to select which setup you want to use arises. This can be achieved by having multiple ServerLayout sections in your configuration.

Multiple ServerLayout Detail.

To achieve this you would create the various configurations first, making sure they work separately, before trying to combine them. This should ensure that you don't have too many errors all at once.

In my case I have two monitor sections and three device and screen sections. After cutting and pasting the twinview sections in to the monitor out configuration I re-named them appropriately.

Here is my final configuration for reference.

Booting, or switching, to runlevel 3 will allow you to select which server layout you want to use by passing it as a parameter to startx as below. This assumes you have a server layout identified as DualServer.

# startx -- -layout DualServer

The default layout used by X, if no layout is specified, is the first, with the others ignored. Ensure the first layout represents your normal usage, in my case the single laptop display.