Fedora on a Dell

Fedora Core 2 on a Dell Inspiron 8600

Latest Update -- May 16 2006

On Fedora Core 5 suspend and hibernate work with the default driver. All you need to do is change the preferences of the GNOME power management applet that should be running.

If you want to use the NVidia driver you may need to edit /etc/pm/functions-nvidia and comment out the line /usr/sbin/vbetool post to get resume from suspend working. See this thread on the NVidia Linux forum.

Suspend to Memory or RAM Outline.

Suspend to RAM turned out to be quite straight forward after reading Aram Kananov's page on suspending to memory. His page is for the Dell Latitude D800 but is relevant here. Having used suspend to ram for awhile it is a real boon. Rather than shutting down for a spell away from the computer suspend allows you to maintain battery life and keep the system cool while being able to quickly start where you left off.

Latest Update.

I have added a sleep event file to /etc/acpi/events as well as a simple sleep.sh file in /etc/acpi/actions. Once in place, use the Fn + Esc hotkey combination to put the laptop into suspend and the power button to bring it out of suspend. Looking in /var/log/acpid I notice that the ac_adaptor event is triggered every time I go into suspend. At the moment I don't have an event file for it so it doesn't cause a problem but please be aware of it.

Suspend to Memory Detail.

As pointed out on Aram' page, change your xorg.conf file to use the NVidia AGP driver. I have tested this and it definitely makes a difference on my Inspiron 8600. Add the following option to the Device section of your xorg.conf file.

Option "NvAGP" "1"

Next remove the modules for USB as suggested as well as the IPW2200 driver. The Intel driver locked up the keyboard one time coming out of suspend. Run the following.

# rmmod ipw2200

# rmmod uhci_hcd

# rmmod ehci_hcd

With the preparation out of the way put the laptop into suspend with the following.

# echo mem > /sys/power/state

The laptop should then go into suspend with the power led slowly pulsing. To bring it out of suspend hit the power button.


I have seen numerous pages and posts mentioning that you need to add acpi=on to your grub.conf file. At this stage I haven't found this to be necessary but is something to bear in mind if you have problems.

I will post more when I have a go a setting up the event and action scripts.