Fedora on a Dell

Fedora Core 2 on a Dell Inspiron 8600

TV Out Summary.

Latest Update -- December 30th 2005

I have done two config files for this and put it here for completeness.

Initially I had no joy getting TV out to work. This was due to the way I was trying to achieve this, using the composite out option. Though I would not need TV out often I felt it was something I should have available when necessary.

Trying stores like Dick Smith, Tandy and the like yielded nothing. Doing a search on the Internet yielded WWW.SVIDEO.COM who sell such things. They had an S-Video to RCA adapter that worked a treat. Though it is only a four pin SVIDEO plug they claim it would work with 7 pin sockets. True to their word it did.

I can highly recommend WWW.SVIDEO.COM. I received an initial email on purchase and a follow up email a few days later. The free airmail shipping doesn't allow you to track your purchase but ten days later the adapter turned up. Considering Xmas was in the middle this was excellent.

TV Out Detail.

I struggled getting the TV working with TwinView. Eventually I found the problem was that the TV gets configured as the primary monitor. Increasing the logging verbosity helped indicate the problem. Once I swapped the details of the monitor around TV out started working.

The resolution appeared odd to me, not being use to seeing my desktop on a TV. Dropping the resolution to 640x480, as opposed to increasing it to 1024x768, appeared to help quite a bit.

Getting TwinView working with a TV is the same as with a monitor. A copy of my config file for TwinView with a TV can be found here.

Configuring dual desktops was a matter of editing the dual monitor config. I changed the screen, monitor and device details of the Phillips Monitor to suit the Phillips TV, renaming them appropriately. My config for dual desktop with TV-Out can be found here.

DVD playback using Dual Desktops with TV-Out at 640x480 is excellent.