Rock of Ages was built in 1857 by John Patience, the 2nd registered convict into WA.  John had married Ann Criddle in 1857 and she bore him 6 children, all born at Rock of Ages.  John died in 1870 after contracting tuberculosis leaving Ann a widow at the age of 29 with 6 children under the age of 11 years.  Ann took an active part in the management of the farm and now with a family to feed Ann had to work her land herself aided by her brothers. 

In later years Ann married Thomas Harrison, one of the farm workers and also a ticket-of-leave convict. Ann bore another 7 children at Rock of Ages but sadly one child, a daughter, was stillborn.  The Cottage remained in the Harrison family for the next 100 years. 

Barry Edmunds purchased Rock of Ages in 1978 and it was subdivided from the Harrison family farm.  The cottage had been the farm house since the late 1860`s . This original farm house had fallen into ruin after another house had been built on the property. Barry was looking for an old building to live in and to house his collection of antiques and old bottles.

Restoration was a slow process, the first priority being a new roof then mains power and rainwater tanks being installed and later bore water from a block on the other side of the highway.  After a trip to England the idea of turning it into a B & B seemed appealing .   Rock of Ages Cottage B & B opened in 1994.  In approx 2000 scheme water was provided to the Cottage.

In 1998 the Shire Presidents Heritage Award was given to Rock of Ages Cottage. This Award Recognises Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to Restoration and Conservation of Heritage Buildings within the Shire of Greenough .

In May 2008 Rock of Ages was sold to Josť Hopkinson and Peter Hannaford who reaped the benefits of Barry's hard work and have continued to operate the Bed & Breakfast.


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