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About Roderick W Rogers BSc(Hons) PhD DSc

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Awarded the degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Botany for a thesis Cryptogamic Crusts on arid soils in southern Australia,  University of Adelaide (1971)
  • Doctor of Science for a thesis The Biology of Lichens, University of Adelaide (2001)

Taught and conducted research in University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 1971 - 2002

Research experience in:

  • University of New England, Armidale, Australia;
  • Melbourne Herbarium, Australia;
  • British Museum (Natural History), London, England;
  • Conservatoire Botanique du Geneve, Geneve, Switzerland;
  • Fachbereich Biologie, Phillips Universitat, Marburg, Germany;
  • Unit for Comparative Plant Ecology, University of Sheffield, England; 
  • School of Plant Biology, UCNW, Bangor, Wales;
  • Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Scotland; and
  • Herbarium, Franz Josef Universitat, Graz, Austria..

Major research topics:

  • Lichen systematics & floristics
  • Lichen ecology
  • Soil surface lichens
  • Nutrients in coastal woodlands
  • Impact of stock on arid grasslands
  • Botany of Heron Island, a the coral cay

Author of 95 research publications, including two books on lichen systematics (see Bibliography).

Currently environmental consultant and research associate in lichenology at Queensland Herbarium.


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