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Lichens of Queensland
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Queensland Lichens

Lichens of Subtropical Queensland

Subtropical Queensland has a rich and diverse lichen flora covering the range from rainforest through eucalypt woodlands to arid grasslands.  Each environment has its characteristic suite of lichens, offering the naturalist great opportunity for study.

The keys benefit from information in the Flora of Australia series, but are not extracts from the Flora. The keys include species not reported in the Flora and some keys are to genera not yet covered in the flora project.

The task of completing the survey of lichens in subtropical Queensland is far from complete. We need many more collections from almost all areas. There will be many new records to be discovered, new species to describe and existing species names to move into synonymy as we understand variation within species better.

These keys are preliminary, and comments would be welcome.  I would like to know what has worked, what has been difficult and what is simply defective.

You are welcome to copy these keys for your personal use, and to give copies to others, but my copyright is always maintained.


Roderick W. Rogers

December 2005


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