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Lichens of Subtropical Queensland

This set of notes and keys is written to assist identification of lichens from subtropical Queensland.



What is a lichen?
  Parts of a lichen
  Lichen chemicals
  Lichen identification
  Performing colour tests
  The colour of lichens


  Fruticose & Foliose Lichens
    Key to genera
    Key to species in genera
  Squamulose Lichens


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This account of the lichens of subtropical Queensland is a work in progress. It is presented not as a finished work, but as a step on the way to producing a coherent account of the lichens in a large and diverse area.

The work is patchy in content and treatment as are the collections and revisional studies on which it based. As the work grows it is likely that inconsistencies will also grow while gaps are filled.

These keys are largely literature based and do not represent revisional studies in themselves.

The genera and species reported are based on those in the ABRS catalogue of lichens and additional material in Queensland Herbarium or recent taxonomic studies.

Many sources in print and on the web have been scoured in preparation of this account. However, none have simply been edited to include the relevant taxa. My preference in keys is that they use easily observed and easily categorised attributes, especially in the early dichotomies. This is a very different approach from that used by those authors who use attributes with formal taxonomic status. I therefore believe that while information has been gleaned from many sources, copyright has been respected.


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