(Photo from, Logo By Jonny Wester, Page by Hippy)

The Enttec Open DMX USB Interface (also know as 'widget', 'odmxusb' and 'it')

The ODMXUSB is based on a FT232BM chip,
which is a USB <> SERIAL Converter produced by FTDI
The widget is capable of DMX transmission and reception
and in the future might be able to handle bi-directional (RDM).
it is supported by many free and commercial packages,
including MasterPeace, MagicQ, LightFactory, Arkaos VJ to name a few...

Someone got it working on MacOS X also.


Project dmXBox lighting for your loungeroom :)

- The FullBoar DMX Server -
A Multi-Universe DMX Client-Server based lighting platform.

16 Output Universes
Fully proportional dmx patching across universes with 16 layers

Multiple dmx device support, currently the Enttec DMX-USB Pro and Art-Net are supported.
Read's HOG(tm) Fixture Library files
Support's thousands of fixtures (untested!)
Remote client's can make connections via TCP/IP
More... 1/9/05 (by hippy)

Art-Net-Dot-Net - I have re-written the important parts of
my VB Art-Net module into a VB.NET Class, Taking advantage of
threading to recieve UDP from the network... This implements ArtDMX,
ArtPoll, and ArtPollReply.. Free for private use
download: -
30/8/05 (by hippy)

OpenDmx-VB.NET -
I have ported my open dmx usb module to VB.NET..
It's now stable as a rock (crash wise) with .NET's threading doing all the work
Supports upto 4 open widgets, hot-pluging, and WidgetID..
download: -
29/7/05 (by hippy)

Has recieved an update, fixing a couple of bugs,
and is now a windows installer package, hopefully with all the bit's and pieces in it :)
It should now work for those who had problems previously. (19/07/05)

Tell your lights where to go!

Enttec Vocus
Available July 1, see website for further details!
Finally, A speech enabled dmx control tool, use voice commands to speed up your rig & focus.
Supports the DMX USB PRO, ESP-Net & ART-Net, even LightFactory & LightJockey 2.6

Hi im hippy, (ICQ# 302-064-142)
This page is a tribute to the gods of rock, but also lighting guys out there
doing it hard with crappy gear and a nonexistent budget... i reckon it rocks,
it's cheap, i use it often for all sort's of gig's i do about the joint.

This odmxusb can provide:
Cheap solution for a free moving light controller (see FreeStyler, MagicQ)
Receive dmx from another dmx console and pass it to a visualizer (see LJDMXIN..)
Convert dmx universes to art-net, and art-net to multiple dmx universes (see SoftNode)

Capture, inspect and playback the dmx packets visually (see DMXCAP)
Control the lighting in your building (see OfficeWing)

But is really dedicated to the Open DMX USB community
hoping to bring together much of what we have done into one place to
assist future generations of odmxusb users, but also generate new ideas and
open source solutions to compete with the $10, 000 125 channel theatre desks,
which i seriously reckon only the government and NASA could afford.
This page has some news, some app's, and some links i have compiled
relating to the Open DMX USB project...
(oh there's some art-net and other stuff in there too)
Anyway, enough from me,
Rock ON!

|Other Links
|Hippy's DMX-USB Pro Resources


My New Page:
Hippy's DMX-USB Pro Resources

Johnny Wester of CPOINT Lighting (06/05/05)
has come up with this fix for the widget which might cause it
to lock up locking up after a while of use, typically
it takes some time before this happens... More Info


(Combination of a macintosh, an oscilliscope,
a (disco?!) light fixture and an ODMXUSB)

Dear Mr. Hippy,

I wanted to let you know about our progress in getting the Enttec Open DMX
interface to work on the Macintosh. At the moment there are only some pictures
Christopher Masto. (via email)


MagicQ PC Version has been released,
Added extra FX specifically for driving LED arrays.
Random pulse FX now added.
Outputs Window now supports a plan view, for visualising rig plans and LED arrays.

DMX4LINUX - 2.5 now supports the widget (without patches),
I have not tested it personally yet, but this is great news
meaning people can now use QLight etc...

Midi To DMX - by Man Martin (
Check it out! An application to convert MIDI into DMX..

PureDada - A Rough babelfish translation from french suggests
some weird things like 'PureDaDa is virtual organ stops intended
has all the places or
organizers of spectacles needing to control a park light."
Needless to say it's actually a very intresting looking application (Slatibartfast) 42/04/05


Simon Newton has built a wireless artnet node!
The author of the libartnet, has combined his opensource
Art-net software, the linux kernel, an enttec widget, and a cheap
Netgear WGT634U wifi ethernet router, to produce a
wireless DMX low cost solution! The routers can be obtained
in some cases for less than AUD$200 (oh yeah, built on a linux kernel!)
No hardware modification is required, except you do need to open
the case and plug into the internal serial port to access it's "bios".

The WGT634U comes with 32MB of RAM, and 8MB Flash.
It uses the 200 MHz Broadcom BCM947XX CPU. and has
an Atheros based mini-pci wireless card (b/g), five ethernet
ports and a USB 2.0 port."

this is so cool!
Check it out and please support this projects author (11/03/05)


Shmithz has released three app's for the Widget,
Ranging from a simple 16 channel app, to a full blown
512 channel with audio etc...

Lightfactory 1.1.0
Thanks to the enttec open dmx community,
LightFactory 1.1.0 has seen many improvements and
minor bug fixes.. the LightFactory competition remains open!

is developing a 'Pro' widget, with features,
like isolation, buffering, RDM! Can't wait to see the results..

FreeStyler 2.6 Is Now Available!
Featuring Art-Net Output and a seperate Art-Net to DMX Converter app! (29/01/05)

Check out the LightFactory Competition
I never win anythin! I won $2 on a scratchie,
maybe $20 on a pokie at some rsl waiting to load out,
i won a book about tree's at school,
oh yeah, and I won a copy of LightFactory!! sweet.. (29/01/05)

DMXCap 1.0 Announced (24/01/05)
DMXCap is a DMX viewer, recorder and player.

LJDMXIN' Version 0.0.17 is now available! (18/01/05)
(DMX in to LJ from a Widget or Art-Net!)

Enttec Widget Reviews

Enttec Debut at PLASA


Visual Basic Driver (Multiple devices, with/without Multi-Threading)
supporting 1 to 4 Enttec open dmx widgets, each with it's own transmission thread,
HotPlug for auto detection of new devices (ver 2.1.stable) 06/10/04 (recommended) (by hippy)

Visual Basic Driver
(with threading)
For one device only (ver 1.5.stable) 21/09/04 (by hippy)

Visual Basic Driver (no threading)

With this no threading version For single devices, you are responsible for the
transmission of frames to the device, Insure the device is updated at
least 1 times per second, to stay within DMX standards. (ver 1.1.stableish) 21/09/04 (by hippy)

Change-log & Notes:
29 august 2004 @ 3:00am AEST - initial release version 1.0
notes: sweet, it works!
29 august 2004 @ 2:00pm - threading support version 1.1
notes: this will not work in the IDE (the ide will disappear!)
make an exe and run it..
you must compile to P-code or it will fault :( ! (look in project settings)
30 august 2004 @ 1pm - fixed start code issue version 1.2 cheers Jonny Wester (
31 august 2004 @ 4pm - added set_rate and num_of_devices. version 1.3
7 september @ 7pm - version 1.4 shows recieve framework in place, but does not work yet :(
minor changes to startcode code.. still not right???
Martin Pro400 & Pro518 work, Mac250 did not!!
I think the Pro's are ignoring the startcode completly,
and the startcode im sending may not be right, i have no
tester :(
21 september @ 4pm - fixed the startcode issue!!! version 1.5.stable
' still no recieve yet..
' Tested with..
' Martin Mac250
' Martin PRO400 (ignores start code!?)
' Martin PRO518 (ignores start code!?)
' Theatrelight Commet6 Dimmer (ignores start code!?)
' 26 september... Support for 4 widgets at once, with multthreading
' 7 october.... FREESTYLER!!!!!!


An example for recieving dmx from the widget in VB nativly

This seems to be the first Visual Basic OpenDmx recieve code.
I hope some people test it and tell me how it works.
Also it is included a sending code that I can not ensure it is not based
on the Hip's non threaded version... Almost a little bit... :)
I have to discover why I have two start codes, and also why sometimes it
shifts one channel. Help will be welcome...

Happy Xmas,
Manuel Martin ( malaleche [at] ) 19/12/04

An example for recieving dmx from the widget in VB via ESP-net
(using ESP-Net wither locally or via ethernet/wireless lan)
I had been stuffing around with dmx recieve in native vb, and hit a couple of bumps,
when i realized i would not have to as i could use stuff that was all ready working!
Why i did not think of this sooner, i will never know.
It requires DmxUsb2Esp from the enttec site. Tested and Stable
- by hippy, 06/12/04

Guide to error-free dmx reception For Developers by the developers of ArKaos VJ DMX.


Johnny Wester of CPOINT Lighting (06/05/05)
has come up with this fix for the widget which might cause it
to lock up locking up after a while of use, typically
it takes some time before this happens...

'Some hubs and host controllers appear to be extremely sensitive to noise. A
glitch on the USB lines can causes the device to hang. This problem can be
fixed by adding two 47pF capacitors to ground on the USB DP and DM lines.
These should be located between the 27ohm series resistors and the hub.'


Modifying for bi-directional support (By Robert Wilkinson)
(From the mailing list:

Hi All,
Just recently modified my widget to handle bidirectional DMX. Basically
I've tacked a second 75176 onto the TX line of the FTDI chip, and brought
it back to pins 4/5. This allows it to still fit into the box.

So far, I can't get the example app to send and receive simultaneously.
The two threads seem to interfere with each other, and the TX falls over
(behaves like it did in the bad old days pre frame-rate setting)

At any rate, I do now have two paralleled outputs available for those
moments when you need to chain away in two directions and don't have a
splitter. If anyone else wants the info, I'll hack together a new schematic and post

Robert Wilkinson.

Proposed Daughter Board by Robert Wilkinson
(Read the post)

(click to enlarge)

(Hip: only the version 2 pcb's have the 2.54mm SIL connector under the XLR connector.
More on PCB Version 2, With the board bottom facing you, and the XLR facing away from you,
TX is on the left and GND is on the right)





From the mailing list:

Me again... attached is a photo of my bidirectional USB DMX interface.
It uses a USB-Serial converter based on the FTDI chip that I got for 5,-
Euro (!) on eBay. The two 75176s directly connect to TXD and RXD of this
interface. The most expensive parts on this interface are the Neutrik
plugs! ;-)


- - WIDGET ID - a Quick and Easy Hardware Hack - -
By Hippy (thanks to list)

I have two widgets, and i want to know which one is which!
If you boot your PC with 2 widget's connected, there is know way to tell which one is which,
There is a possibility of using a EEPROM which you must solder onto the board,
but using just a little wire, you can unique ID upto 4 widgets!

This is backward compatible with almost all software,
programs not supporting this ID setup will simply ignore it.

(Version 2 PCB)

Connect the points with the * with short piece of hookup wire,
depending on which ID i wish that widget to have.

id 0 is no connections
id 1 is between ground and DSR (0 0 0 0 0 X 0 X)
id 2 is between ground and RTS (0 0 0 X 0 0 0 X)
id 3 is between ground, RTS and DSR (0 0 0 X 0 X 0 X)

In Software, you use the FT_GetModemStatus(x, ID) command to get the ID

(VB Example)

' if id = 0 then universe 1
' if id = 32 then universe 2
' if id = 16 then universe 3
' if id = 48 then universe 4

Public Function GetID(n As Long) As Long
Dim ModemStatus As Long

If FT_GetModemStatus(lngHandle(n), ModemStatus) <> FT_OK Then
Error_String(n) = "Failed To Get Modem Status"
Done (n)
Exit Function
End If

If (ModemStatus = 0) Then
JumperID(n) = 0 ' ID 0
End If

If (ModemStatus = 32) Then
JumperID(n) = 1 ' ID 1
End If

If (ModemStatus = 16) Then
JumperID(n) = 2 ' id 2
End If

If (ModemStatus = 48) Then
JumperID(n) = 4 ' id 3
End If

' modem status - id
' 0 - 0
' 32 - 1
' 16 - 2
' 48 - 3

' return the id of the device
GetID = JumperID(n)


It seems that software developed for the Enttec Open DMX USB
is probably compatible with some other FTDI based hardware..

The USB-003 by HumanData
(Site has pictures, info in Japanese, more here,
very, very expensive @ $261.96 AUD)

Circuit Cellar Magazine, September 2004, Issue 170, Page 72,
"Build a USB-to-DMX-512 Converter by Stefan Kalbermatter"
In this article, he describes how he used an FTDI FT232BM
USB-to-serial converter chip to achieve DMX-512 control.

Open Dmx USB - VB Driver Applications


ManMartin & I decided to released this little app I cooked up with ManMartins' Martin interface ;)
to send dmx into Martin LightJockey from Art-Net or the Enttec widget..
It requires LightJockey 2.6 (tested ok with version 2.6.6)
Many thanks to Bob's ActiveX Control..

See what Martin have to say... HERE
See Martin unofficially suggest it to a customer! HERE

Latest Version - download (19/07/05) by Hippy & ManMartin

(old version) download: (18/01/05) By Hippy & ManMartin

- The FullBoar DMX Server -

A Multi-Universe DMX Client-Server based lighting platform.

16 Output Universes
Fully proportional dmx patching across universes with 16 layers

Multiple dmx device support, currently the Enttec DMX-USB Pro and Art-Net are supported.
Read's HOG(tm) Fixture Library files
Support's thousands of fixtures (untested!)
Remote client's can make connections via TCP/IP

The client has support for my home made 8 channel fader/button box, and includes some info
on how it was made. (hipadc.bas)

Most parts of the platform are in modules, so you might find some code here usefull for other apps.

Gig Worthy Status:   Not even close, but closer than before i started.

Development Status:   Open-Source VB6, Please contact me if your intrested in working on it.

Download the Source for both the Server and a Client.
(C) Rowan Maclachlan 2005 FullBoar(tm:)
Free for non-profit use, comercial use please contact first.

A Client

DMXCap 1.0

First Version.

View, Capture And Playback DMX using your Open DMX USB Widget..

Todo: Playback to DMX, Capture Compression, and stuff..

REQUIRES: Bob's Open DMX USB Library ActiveX Control.
version either 0.2.0 or 0.3.0 not sure..

Download: By Hippy 25/01/2005

SoftNode 1.2.0

warning: it's seems to be a bit dodgy @ the moment...
might crash after 1 minute, maybe 6 hours :)


Purpose: SoftNode converts Ethernet DMX Protocols to DMX512 ready for your lights.

Some possible uses:
Use older pc's as ethernet to dmx stagebox's
Use with wireless networking to form a cheap wireless dmx rig!
Add more universes to your Art-Net enabled console (grandMA, MagicQ (Console & PC).. etc)

- Supports 4 x DMX Outputs using Open DMX USB Widgets (auto-detected)
\ Includes WidgetID support to identify which widget is which
- Art-Net Protocol (
- ESP-Net Protocol ( (Enttec Protocol Spec's)
- Can convert ESP-Net into Art-Net
- Art-Net 'Ping' Tester on any universe
- Convert any ESP-Net universe into an Art-Net universe
- 48 channel display of DMX ports
- 48 channel display of ESP-Net data


1. Make sure your network is configured correctly.

To use 1 universe simply start softnode with a widget connected
(or connect one after you start is ok)

Using the < and > next to the port, patch the art-net universe you wish that output to recieve..
ie.. PORT 1 <> 0 ... means Port 1 will output Art-Net universe 0..
do the same for esp-net if desired.

For more than one universe, start with only 1 widget connected
then connect another widget, wait until it's found, it will then be universe 2,
and repeat for universes 3 & 4..

If you start with more than one interface connected, you won't know which is which,

If you have more than one widget, I highly recommend you ID your widgets.. SoftNode supports WidgetID
If you have more than one widget, but no WidgetID setup, you may get all the same dmx output.
This is not a problem if you only have one widget!
Note: This version of SoftNode has not been tested without using WidgetID

> the subnet switch is not yet enabled
> there is no .ini file for configuration yet
> tested on win2000 sp4 only.
> SoftNode is now bloatware, occupying 4 x 3 rack-unit cases!! :)
> no warranty


- Art-Net
\ MagicQ PC (
\ DMX-Workshop and Art-View (
- Esp-Net
\ GateConfig (
\ dmxusb2esp (

- DMX Input ( dmx-in node <-ethernet-> dmx-out node )
- HTP & LTP merging of any DMX source's
- Remote Configuration via ethernet
- Lockable Settings
- .ini file
- intergrated focus tool

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - im not responsible for anything, or liable in any way for
anything to do with anything that has anything to do with me, you, your
boss/wife, associates, pets, property, investments and everything else
you can think up. if you don't like that, then don't do anything ever again.
and that said, you MUST agree to be a good person, enjoy life, and to rock on.
(and yes the inconvient naked lawn dancing clause still applies at my discretion)

(c) Rowan Maclachlan 2005.

DMXControl Output Plugin -
A output plugin for DMXControl i made, based on threaded driver.
No source code, as plugin code is not GPL :( Updated 9/11/04 (by hippy)

Other Peoples (FREE!) Open Source VB
Based Widget Compatible Software

Manolator - Feature packed Freeware Lighting Console
including audio/video sync via winamp (By Man Martin, Based on DmxDesk9) (Open source! - here)

Office Wing 1.1 - Control the lighting in your home or office!
- Plug in & out of USB cable without restart of Officewing.
- Presets rename menu added.
- Command buttons for Set Channel 100% and Set All 100% added.
- Fade time displayed inside DIM TO button.
- added command line feature
By Jonny Wester (03/01/05)

DMXConsole - By Glenn Meader
A 2-scene preset light board with cue memory and timed cross fades.
I wrote this software in VB and am releasing it to the public domain.
The cues for a show are stored in a simple CSV file.
Handles lots of channels (e.g 32, 64?). Works best on a high resolution
screen. Cue list is editable, Timed fades use realtime clock so timing is accurate,
Automatically opens recent show file upon startup. Cues are loadable into
a scene by double-clicking cue number in cue listing.

Shmithz has release three FREE app's for the Widget,
Ranging from a simple 16 channel console, upto a full blown
512 channel console with audio etc...

DmxDesk9 by Kristof Nys - A Lighting console ported to Enttec Open DMX USB
(Open source) - (port by hippy) Updated 21/09/04

Freestyler - GET IT NOW! Enough Said... (By Raphaël Wellekens)

The MasterPeace Project - An New Console Emulator for Open DMX USB (By Man Martin!)

DMX Desk - DMX Desk is designed to provide up to 512 channels. (Based on DmxDesk9) (22/12/04)

DMXControl - A lighting console, with extensive XML fixture definitions & more. Freeware!
Open DMX USB plugin is available here

More (FREE!) Open DMX USB Software

MagicQ PC Version has been released,
includes new MultiWindow Technology, fixes and new features.
I really like Chamsys MagicQ PC, im hoping the lastest Enttec Pro
widget will be supported. Due to the complications of running a
lighting console applications, Widget support has been diffuclt
(for me anyway) because the USB drivers don't handle heavy
well (i believe). I have had great success using it as an Art-Net
console, using it with app's like Art2DMX and SoftNode to convert it's
output into usable DMX via widget(s) and onther dmx hardware.
I recommending Enttec Open Dmx USB user's who
require stablility should revert back to version

DMX USB 2 ESP - Convert DMX in from a widget to ESP-Net (By Nicolas from Enttec).
Usefull for Capture 3.0 lighting visualizer, should also work with SoftNode

STL-DMX - Sound-To-Light. This program rocks!
Audio detection with Several operating modes (free, manual, modulating,
random with or without music, copy of another channel) with many parameterslinear
Modification of the evolution of the values of each channel Transistions slow (Insipid Time)
in manual and random mode with curve sélectionnable.
Site is in French but it's easy to figure out (use to translate if needed), :)
- Latest Version

Midi To DMX - by Man Martin (
An application to convert MIDI into DMX..

Pure Data External - Pure Data is the open-source version of Max/MSP
(For use with Pure Data) Windows and Linux (external by Olaf Matthes)

MAX MSP External - Send or receive DMX512 data using the Open DMX USB Interface.
(For use with Max/MSP) They are working on apple support too i think. (external by Olaf Matthes)

Lights Up! - My first product is Lights Up! A free Windows application for controlling theater lighting.
I also modified the library provided by Enttec... (by Terry Wells) (29/01/05)

PureDada - A Rough babelfish translation from french suggests
some weird things like 'PureDaDa is virtual organ stops intended
has all the places or
organizers of spectacles needing to control a park light."
Needless to say it's actually a very intresting looking application (Slatibartfast) 42/04/05

Commercial Apps..

Enttec Vocus - Vocus is an outstanding new Windows-based application that literally lets you tell your lights what you want them to do, by allowing vocal commands to control your DMX lighting system. Vocus was developed to make the process of focussing lights quicker and simpler.

Rather than hauling your console down to the stage and climbing up and down ladders to change levels, or having someone else man the console, you simply plug any standard microphone into your computer, (wireless mics are ideal), and use standard voice commands to control DMX levels.

Vocus converts your voice into DMX signals, and outputs them to your dimmers or moving lights through a USB or Ethernet interface. Compatible equipment includes Enttec’s Open DMX USB Interface and DMXEthergate, and Art-Net enabled interfaces. Vocus can even provide limited control of LightFactory – Enttec’s Lighting Control Software package.

Vocus uses voice recognition software that is trained by you in your own voice, so it always understands you.

Controlled by logical, standard commands, such as “Channel 7 at full” and “Channel 4 thru 46 fade to 50”, Vocus is very easy to operate. You can control up to 512 channels, making it ideal for theatres, churches, schools, pub gigs – just about anywhere you have a DMX control system and a computer!

You can download a limited demonstration version of Vocus for free today from so go ahead - try before you buy!
For Availability, Pricing or Further Information, call Balanced Technology
on 1300 305 832.


Enttec LightFactory - A very comprehensive lighting console..
hundreds of features. (including a Matrix Sequencer!) rock-solid very stable
software and widget output (See.. LFConnect for VB Programmers)

ArKaos VJ - Control ArKaos VJ with all your other DMX compatible equipment through your DMX console.


Receiving DMX with ENTTEC Open DMX-USB unit - A guide to error-free dmx reception
(with code in C, from Matthieu Beghin)

Bob's C Interface & ActiveX control is cool.
OpenDmxUsb.dll is the C interface library and
OpenDmxUsbCom.dll is the COM wrapper. (by Robert Scott)

Mac OS X Support by Olaf Matthes, read more here.

libartnet - ArtNet library's for linux, includes console app to convert ArtNet
to DMX via the Enttec widget. Also DIY Effect Lighting (by nomis52 <AT>

Linux Driver and Examples - Excellent. C. (By Erwin Rol)

Linux Driver - a patch file for dmx4linux 2.4 (By Steve Tell) (read the Mailing List Article)

>Hi Steve!
> im a average joe when it comes to patching stuff, how do i apply the
> patch?

With the patch command, of course :-)

First, get dmx4linux 2.4 working out of the box, without my stuff.
(use the dmxdummy driver if you don't have any other supported hardware

then, assuming you saved the patch as dmx4linux-2.4-ftdi.patch.gz,
cd to the top-level directory of dmx4linux, usually "dmx4linux-2.4".

run this (the "$" represents your prompt, don't type it):
$ zcat dmx4linux-2.4-ftdi.patch.gz | patch -p1
you should see this:
patching file configure
patching file drivers/devices/usb/Makefile
patching file drivers/devices/usb/ftdi2dmx.h
patching file drivers/devices/usb/ftdi2dmx.c

(run "man patch" for loads of details about patch)

Then, rebuild dmx4linux again, beginning by running "configure".
you'll notice the new question in the USB section for making the ftdi2dmx

FishLight - Mac OS X software for the widget. JAVA. Work in progress (alive?) (By Nicholas Rowe)

Where do I get FT232BM chips from in Australia?
Maybe try Dontronics @ $9~ AUD

Open DMX Theatre 16 - Open Source C project

--LINKS-- - Home of the Open DMX USB Widget, designed by Nicolas Moreau

Hippy's DMX-USB Pro Resources

The new mailing list archive is hosted at SourceForge,
The list information page is here

Old Archives
from the (no longer in use) List (Archive may still be available here)

2004-May.txt.gz | 2004-June.txt.gz
| 2004-July.txt.gz
| 2004-September.txt.gz
2004-October.txt.gz | 2004-November.txt.gz
| 2004-December.txt.gz

DMX512 Keyboard Interface - This is the Design for a DMX512 to computer keyboard interface.
It sits in line on the computer keyboard and on the DMX 512 chain.
This unit allows a (for example) presentation to be controlled form a standard DMX lighting desk.

GamBas - It's like a visual basic for linux! (Not a clone! :)

Semitone Open Dimmers - Build your own dimmers!

Homebrew PIC-FTDI based USB DMX
Interface featuring send and recieve.

The Show Control Mailing List

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