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Calliope River - peace and tranquility

Calliope is a small town, population approximately 1800, situated about 25 kilometres from the coastal city of Gladstone. The township is spread out with satellite settlements at River Ranch and Hazelbrook / Silverdale, with a combination of rural and urban homesites. It boasts two general stores, 2 hotels, 2 churches, 2 recreation halls, 2 bowling clubs, a golf course, a tranquil tree-lined main street, and landscaped approaches to town. 
The lifestyle pursuits of Calliope people include rural activities such as rodeos, Pony Club, Polocrosse, golf and bowls (an excellent venue). Excellent freshwater fishing spots dot the Calliope River nearby, and the ocean is only 30 minutes drive away. A new swimming pool has just been opened on the site next door to the school.

Waterlilies on a local billabong

    Kroombit Tops near Calliope

Calliope Shire is the home of a thriving beef cattle industry, fruit orchards and small crops, but also has a solid industrial base. Other towns in the shire include the twin towns of Tannum Sands and Boyne Island, an unusual mixture of beachside village and industrial town (Aluminium Smelter), Mount Larcom, Yarwun (fruit growing), Nagoorin, Builyan and Ubobo (all rural areas).
Calliope was settled first by graziers, then by miners after gold was found in the area. It was first known as Nuggetty Gully, but was renamed Calliope after the nearby river (named for the sailing ship which carried the Governor Fitzroy on his inspection of this area in 1854). The local school was the 20th to open in Queensland state and recently commemorated its 127th Anniversary. 

Gold crusher - next to Shire Library

Gladstone Harbour facilities
Calliope is close to the City of Gladstone, the base for many industries including an alunina plant.  The Harbour is used by many large vessels carrying coal, alumina, bauxite, other minerals and also grain crops such as wheat and sorghum. 
Excellent shipping facilities have been constructed at various sites along the Harbour foreshores, but these do not detract from the beautiful views and facilities there. A marina boat anchorage has been built above the mudflats at the mouth of Auckland Creek.  This area is linked to the city by a hydraulic lift bridge, and shows off family picnic areas and also the waterside campus of the Cenral Queensland University.

Gladstone marina - aerial shot

Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef

Gladstone Harbour is the Gateway to the Barrier Reef, which helicopter and boat access to Heron Island.
Many other beautiful islands are accessible from Gladstone Harbour.
The new symbol for Calliope Shire: a seahorse made from metal industrial spare parts.  This represents the Shire  a marriage of seashore and industry.

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