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This page was last updated on 13-Jan-2013.

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How does it get any better than this...........





Welcome to the most westerly Camels in Australia!

Shark Bay is famous for its dolphins, dugongs and bilby's.  Shark Bay is home to a lovely camel family as well. 

Come and enrich your life with a Majestic Camel ride.

We have beach rides for all ages.

Come and meet meFore shore camelsBaby just being bornQueen of Denham

Take an adventurous trek along the spectacular coastline of SharkBay.

Not just a ride, but A CAMEL EXPERIENCE!

See Dolphins and Camels together? Then have a morning ride in Monkey Mia.

To us, the camel's welfare comes first, so we do not use force or nose pegs. 

We train as camel whisperers. 

The animals are well looked after, well fed and happy to take you on a fantastic safari.

The camel mounting setup has moved 120 meter east of the dolphin interaction area.