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New self-contained Camera

Oregon Scientific

ATC-2K Waterproof Action Cam

$ Including 2Gig SD card


• Sensor resolution 640x480 VGA CMOS sensor
• Built-in memory 32MB
• SD memory card drive supports cards of up to 2GB
• Movie storage:
            640 x 480 pixels (30 or 15 frames per second)
            320 x 240 pixels (30 or 15 frames per second)
            160 x 120 pixels (30 or 15 frames per second)
• Status LCD 2-digit B/W on top for functions
• Focusing Fixed range from 1.5m~infinity
• Movie images AVI
• File format of Interface USB (1.1)
• Delete image All / last one
• Auto Shut-Off 10 minutes
• Battery 2 x AA alkaline batteries
• Dimensions 40mm diam. x 110mm long
• Operation system WIN2000/XP
• 60 min record time (640 x 480 pixels at 30 fps)
• Upto 794 min record time. (160 x 120 pixels at 15 fps)




Twenty20 Helmet Camera

$449.00 delivered Australia wide

BMX, Downhill, Motocross, Snow, ATV, you name it. If you've got a two wheeled vehicle that doesn't have a battery then the Twenty20 Helmet Camera is right for you. Coming in at a dry weight of 7oz. Twenty20 offers the smallest and lightest Helmet Camera on the market. The camera mounts on your helmet with a marine grade velcro and runs off of a single 9 volt battery for 16-20 hours . Toss the rest of the pack in a bag or backpack and you're ready to go. Show everyone you know a first person perspective of the sickest jumps, tricks, and trails.

Twenty20 Camera

The Twenty20 camera features a small overall form factor, fitted with the next generation of CMOS camera technology. This technology substantially reduces power consumption and required voltage, thus significantly extending battery life to 20 hours on a single 9-volt battery. Additionally, the CMOS assembly process yields a camera that has greater vibration resistance as well as longevity, when compared to the aging CCD technology used by most other cameras.

Image Sensor:

1/4 inch CMOS


480 scan lines


(L) 64mm x (D) 25mm



Operating temp:

-25°C - 50°C

Twenty20 Battery Pack

The Twenty20 battery pack boasts the smallest and lightest battery pack you will ever find with a Helmet Camera. The pack powers the entire system with just one 9V battery and one connection. Using our simple "Y" cable design, there are no extra wires and no chance of misconnecting your camera. Our battery tests showed that most "off the shelf" batteries lasted between 16-20 hours. That's five times the life of a CCD camera powered by the typical 8 AA batteries. What's more, Duracell has just released a Lithium Ion 9V battery for smoke detectors that's purported to last ten times longer that a standard 9V.


single 9volt


107mm x 32mm x 19mm

Twenty20 Record Cable

The Twenty20 record cable is a standard 3.5mm mini-jack which fits most recording devices. For further information about compatibility please visit our tech center. This plug can be easily adapted to fit RCA inputs, as well as most other proprietary connections.

Twenty20 Helmet Mount

The helmet mount comes fitted with two pieces of interlocking high density mushroom head Velcro. Do not be fooled by imitators: standard Velcro (called hook and loop) has one soft side and one rough side. Hook and loop is not water resistant, if it gets wet small amounts of force (such as wind resistance) can cause the Velcro to detach. Mushroom head Velcro is much stronger and will not lose its grip even in high pressure submersed situations.

Twenty20 Microphone

The Twenty20 microphone features a high-gain input, as well as noise cancellation. Using the clip attached to the microphone cable you can secure the microphone inside your helmet to record your color commentary, or to the outside of your helmet to catch the sounds of your machine.


Twenty20 Motorcycle Camera

$499.00 delivered Australia wide

The Twenty20 Motorcycle Camera is made exclusively for the street rider/cruiser/racer… Whatever you go by, this is your camera! The set features an anti-vibration bike mount, vehicle battery wiring, and an extra break away connection to prevent theft. Use your Motorcycle Camera for your track days, group rides, or any other on road adventure you can imagine.

These are the parts different to the Helmet Camera unit

Twenty20 Voltage Regulator

The Twenty20 regulator is the only widely available system that can power your motorcycle camera using the vehicle battery. The regulator is built with an internal fuse and reverse wiring protection, which means improper installs aren't going to ruin your camera. And with our simple "Y" cable design there is only one connection for the entire system, so there are no extra wires and no chance of misconnecting you camera.

Twenty20 Motorcycle Mount

The Twenty20 camera mount uses a rubber-to metal-to rubber system the takes vibration out of the picture. The mount is fully articulating, allowing you to change camera angles whenever you like. A double sided adhesive pad is included so you don't have to drill anything into your bike. , then once you find that perfect place you can bolt the mount in and be assured that your camera isn't going anywhere.






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