General stuff

The stencil images are from Decorative Stencil Designs by A. Wiggers, J. Trischka, et al., Dover Publications Inc., 1997.

Image processing using the GIMP.

The layout basics are from the layout-o-matic tool by InkNoise.

The idea for the insert panels was cribbed from Simon Oxwell's blog.

The idea for the source boxes was cribbed from Ilmari Karonen's The beginners' guide to Redcode athough I have used <div> and <code> tags rather than using <pre>.

CSS layout problems fixed with the aid of mezzoblue's CSS Crib Sheet and many other pages.

Decorative marks on the sidebar navigation panels adapted from Simon Collison's CollyLogic.

Em based character sizing adapted from Richard Rutter's Clagnut.


Colour RGB hex triplet HSV triplet
  Pale Orange #ffeecc 40, 20, 100
  Light Orange #ffdd99 40, 40, 100
  Mid Orange #ffcc66 40, 60, 100
  Dark Orange #ffaa00 40, 100, 100
  Title Brown #996600 40, 100, 60
  Link Blue #0066ff 216, 100, 100
  Link Red #ff0000 0, 100, 100

I started with the Mid Orange colour. Then I saw what Simple Bits and A List Apart were saying about CSS based column layouts. So I generated the Pale and Dark Oranges and built the basic page layout with the aid of layout-o-matic. Then I read on another CSS Column that "Orange is the new Black". Sigh, am I fasionable? I think not. Next I saw Simon's use of panels and I wanted some. But the Pale Orange was too bright when used in the main column so I created the light orange. Now I have two non standard colours. Then I wanted something in the banner to balance the title so I raided Maureen's Dover books collction anded ended up with the sidebar background as well as the foliage stencils.

I think that if I re-did this I would use a lighter colour for the main panel and use the mid orange for the sidebar.

Well, I did the rebuild. The whole effect is now a lot softer on the eyes.