Violin Bows

Eastman Carbon Fibre Violin Bow

Carbon Fibre Violin Bow Carbon Fibre Violin Bow

I have 2 of these carbon fibre bows left.

They are an excellent lightweight bow. Some might not like the idea of carbon fibre, but they are very practical. These won't bend in the wrong direction, are not greatly affected by heat and humidity variations, feel great, and still sound pretty good.

This Price: $100 each.

Various Violin Bows

Half Size Violin Bow Half Size Violin Bow

I have a range of violin bows. These have been collected over a few years, and finally organised into sizes ec. Some new, some used but in good order. Some made in Germany, some not. Sizes vary from 1/8 to full size.

Some branded "M.Student", made in Germany.

Price: from $20 to $50 each.

Various Cello Bows

Cello Bow Cello Bow

I have a number of cello bows of various sizes. They are new but old stock, having been sitting in a warehouse for a few years. As such the silver wire wrapping on some has discolered a little. Some are perfect.

Some are Made in Germany, and listed in the cataloge as good quality Brazil wood with Ebony frog (model 1123).

Price varies from $20 to $50 each.

Double Bass Bows

Double Bass Bows Double Bass Bows

I have 2 double bass bows. Brand new.

Reasonable qualty.

Normally retails for $385. This Price: $150.

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