This page lists Brass and Woodwind instruments for sale. Don't have much at this time. But things come up so keep checking.


Brass Instrument stand

Brass Instrument stand

New, in perfect condition. This stand adjusts by raising or lowering the centre rod, and sliding the bell support up and down the centre rod. The rubber ball at the end of the rod is 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter, so this stand will accommodate any brass instrument with a bell, that has a 25 mm diameter section along the bell. It is ideal for trombones as the bell support can be raised high enough from the ground to allow for the slide. Would also suite trumpets, cornets etc.

Price: $10.

Various Reeds and Mouthpiece.

Various Reeds

All new. Rico Royal B3 mouthpiece.

6 x Rico Soprano Sax grade 1 1/2.

18 x Rico Tenor Sax grade 1.

Price: $30 the lot.