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This page lists mandolins, mandocello, banjos and banjo mandolins available. I currently have a very nice Suzuki mandolin and mandocello. There is only 1 left of either of these, at a greatly reduced price. The importers have advised that they will no longer be bringing these in, so once these are sold that's it. I have sold out of the Suzuki mandolas.

All prices are inclusive of GST. I am able to organise freight, if required. Cost varies with destination. For schools wishing to order, I am able to provide ABN and invoice the school.

Instruments listed here are either brand new, brand new but a "second" (i.e. not in perfect condition), or repaired.


Suzuki M100 Mandolin

Suzuki M100 Mandolin

This is a new instrument.

Solid AAA spruce top, engraved maple body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, carved scroll, nickel plated machine heads covered by a wood plate on the back of the headstock. comes with a delux fibreglass case.

A beautifully made instrument. This is the last one I have, and they are not going to be imported again.

The old price, when these were imported about 8 years ago, was $2,190. At todays price, given recent currency exchange rates, it would be much more to bring one into Australia. This Price: $1,200.

Suzuki Mandola Case

Suzuki Mandola Case Suzuki Mandola Case

This is a case made for a Suzuki bowl back mandola.

Price: $50.

Oakridge 5150 Mandolin

Oakridge 5150 Mandolin

This is a new instrument, in perfect condition.

Solid spruce top, arched maple back and sides, florentine shaped head, slim neck fitted with adjustable truss rod, bound rosewood fingerboard inlaid with florentine mother of pearl dot inlays, gold plated machine heads and tailpiece, adjustable ebony bridge, all edges bound with celluloid. All the good stuff.

This is the higher end of the Oakridge instruments. It is an older model that was made in Korea. All the new ones are made in China. Beautifully made, sounds and plays very well.

Normally retails for $1000 This Price: $550.

Windsor Model 1 Banjo Mandolin

Windsor Model 1 Banjo Mandolin Windsor Model 1 Banjo Mandolin

Old English made Banjo Mandolin from 1920's I think. It in reasonable condition. Has some scratches on the back as shown. It plays OK. The tuning pegs are original and still work fine, but are a bit sloppy. Has 22 tuning lugs, which is a lot more than I have seen on other Windsor instruments. Tail piece has "The Pyxe" engraved.

This was given to me years ago, and had a torn vellum head at the time. This I have replaced. I never play it, so, no point in keeping it.

Comes in its original case, which is still serviceable, but, well, its old.

price $300

Windsor Model 1 Banjo Mandolin Windsor Model 1 Banjo Mandolin

Oakridge Concert Size Banjo Ukelele

Oakridge Banjo Ukelele Oakridge Banjo Ukelele

Brand new, and perfect condition.

Walnut neck. Remo fibre head. Overal length is 600mm. String length is 400mm.

Comes in its original good quality hardcase, as shown.

Normally retails for $499. This one $200.

Oakridge Banjo Ukelele

Thomastik Mandola Strings

Thomastic mandola strings

I have one set left. Flat wound, very nice to play, sound great, and well yes, a little expensive. These however are a really good price.

Mandola 174 set, medium, for the larger mandola, sometimes called the tenor mandola, or Octave mandolin, tuned G,D,A,E, tuned one octave below the mandolin. The scale length can be up to about 46cm depending on your tailpiece.

Normally retails for $120. This price $75.

Oakridge 146/105 5 String Banjo

Oakridge 146/105 5 String Banjo Oakridge 146/105 5 String Banjo

Student model, mahogany resonator, plywood shell, 24 tension hooks, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, Remo coated head, covered machine heads, chrome plated hardware.

This is a new instrument, but it has some very superficial scratching on the back, as if it was pushed against some rough clothing. This is very superficial, and only apparent when the light shines on it at the right angle. I could not capture this in a photo.

Comes in it's original cardboard box.

Normally retails for $379 This Price: $220.

Mandolin Case

Mandolin Case

This is an AP case, model APFM30 model case for F style mandolin. Features a strong archtop construction of plywood with black heavy duty tolex covering, black plush interior, gold plated hardware.

Normally retails for $119, This Price: $80.

Mandolin Frets

Mandolin Frets

This is a packet of frets for mandolin. Contains 21 frets of graded length. The crown width is .06", crown height is .03", overall hight is .o8".

This is quite a small fret, more likely used on older instruments. Each fret has the end trimmed as if to work around fretboard binding.

This Price: $5 per packet.

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