This page lists electric bass guitars for sale.

All prices are inclusive of GST. I am able to organise freight, if required. Cost varies with destination. For schools wishing to order, I am able to provide ABN and invoice the school.

Instruments listed here are either brand new, brand new but a "second" (i.e. not in perfect condition), or repaired. All items I am happy to guarantee for 3 months.

Cort Bass Guitars

Cort A4 Ultra RWAS Bass Guitar.

Cort A4 Ultra RWAS Bass Guitar Cort A4 Ultra RWAS Bass Guitar

Brand new, but a second, hense the reduced price. It has some very small chips in the side, around where one rests one arm, as shown in the photo. This of course has no effect on the perfromance. Made in Indonesia.

Neck-Thru construction, Double Cutaway, Rosewood Top on Ash body, Maple & Wenge 5 piece neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, 24 frets, 34"(864mm) scale, Abalone inlay, Hipshot Ultralight Tuners, Hipshot Trans Tone Bridge(4), String-Thru and Up-Load Construction, Bartolini Custom MK4CBC Pickups, Bartolini MK-1 EQ

This is about the best bass that Cort make, and they make some nice guitars. Supurb tone, and playability.

Comes in it's original Cort Hard case.

Price: Normally retails for $2295. This one $1500.

Cort A4 Ultra RWAS Bass Guitar

Cort Artisan A6 Bass Guitar

Cort Artisan A6 Bass Guitar Cort Artisan A6 Bass Guitar

I uncovered this a while ago. It was found to have a faulty preamp when checked at the importers years ago, and was subsequently raided for parts. Only the body was left. This is one of the earlier Artisans, made in Korea, that had the Fortress 2 piece bridge. I have installed a new bridge that is similar to the ones used on the later Artisan models (the older Fortress bridges were a disaster), as well as hipshot tuners and a set of Bartolini MK6CBC Classic Bass Dual Coil pickups. These pickups are a significant step up from the original MK1's.

I have decided to wire this up passively, using volume, balance and tone controls, as well as some clever switching. Each switch has 3 positions, which switches each pickup from series-humbucking to parallel-humbucking to single coil. As such each pickup has 3 different sounds, and in blending the two together, gives you many different possibilities.

This is a pretty unique bass I would suggest. Very nice 7 piece maple and weng laminated neck-thru construction, North American figured maple body.

The 6 string model is not available in Australia any more (unless it's ordered privately), but they retailed for around $1700 when they were.

Price: $990

Cort Artisan A6 Bass Guitar Cort Artisan A6 Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar Case

Bass Guitar Case Bass Guitar Case

Brand new. Two cases left. The one pictured obove is an older material covered plywood style. Suit most Fender style bases.

pictures below is an ABS moulded shell case, also suitable for Fender bases.

Price: Normally retails for around $150. Reduced to $100

Bass Guitar Case Bass Guitar Case

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