The two villages where SAO Buton has made the greatest contribution and placed the greatest amount of effort are Batauga, some 30 kilometers south of Baubau, and Lahindaro, some 84 kilometers to the east. (refer Maps for detail)


The first efforts were to house some 100 families at Batauga where terrible living conditions and poor health were not being given any attention by local authorities.



This was our second major effort to house refugees and provide a starting point from which they could advance their lifestyle. The major difference between the people of Batauga and those here in Lahindaro is that these folk put together enough of their own money to buy a valley which they cleared and and now built their homes in. The village site abuts the main road from Lasalimo to Pasar Wajo (seen in the middle foreground of the above picture) and will eventually reach the sea (top right area of the photo).

Perhaps the proudest day for Lahindaro was o2 March 2000 when it became recognised officially as a village and was entitled to proclaim its own name publicly. Prior to this day it was generically known as Kanawa, which is the next closest village.

After preparation for raising the new sign, it was time for posed photos for all those involved. The SAO Buton team, Thamin, Ashadin, Rais and Junaidin, are seen with La Mane and La Mei, leaders of the village.

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