This Painting is named:

‘Real and Fantasy Flowers’


It is painted with Oil


 Acrylic paint.

About Us

Phone: 99 412765

Fax: 99 412765


This is part of my Carnarvon Art Studio, which is on the back of the house.

I will be putting some of my Paintings on to decorate the pages.

One afternoon a week I teach on the property - mostly ‘Oil’ and ‘Acrylic’ but also other types of medium, if any Student would like help with Drawing, Watercolour etc.,

Students bring their own Painting gear and I will encourage them with  their own particular type of Art Work.

We watch a DVD while having Afternoon Tea to learn different technic’s.  So it is a good Social time for everyone.  Especially painting outside in the fresh air on our Patio.


Will write more later.


The Paintings that you can see on here are some of my work in the Studio.