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Recipes are to Promote Carnarvon Produce.


Excellent Cookery/Recipe Book.

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Carnarvon Favourite Recipe Book.

Text Box: CARNARVON really does seem to  be an Oasis in the Desert, with over a hundred Bananas Plantations spread out along the Gascoyne River. 
The Gascoyne is mostly a dry River  Bed.
The Plantations are irrigated by water which is pumped up from under the sandy River Bed.  We, as a family used to live on a Plantation along South River Road a good few years ago, we know all about growing  Bananas and a few other things.  So I am happy to share some of my Banana recipe's as well as Recipes that people from Carnarvon have given me to put into this book to make it special for our Town.

Hope you can enjoy your cooking.

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