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Welcome to my AFX slotcar page.

It'll be in here that you can see some of my slot car modelling with the AFX scale slot cars , The AFX cars are modelled in !/64th scale or otherwise known as "S" scale ; You might've seen one of my AFX pics in my "Other Projects" page - you can access that page from the bottom of this page to see what other projects I've done.

Aussie Invader 2

Aussie Invader 2 - jet cars

This pic can be seen on my "Other Projects" page & shows my 2 Aussie Invader #2 jet cars that I've scratchbuilt , The smaller one is modelled in "HO" scale while the Larger one is made in the AFX ( 1/64th ) scale & is still awaiting to have the paint job completed.

Note : There's a link to Roscoes website in my "Links" Page listed under Car Websites.

AFX cars

AFX Turbo cars

Here's a few AFX cars lined up on a starting line ready to race while ( below ) my "Johnny Lightning Batmobile" & my son's AFX car are pictured below on a friends layout.

Johnny Lightning & AFX Turbo

The "Batmobile" is a "Johnny Lightning" car.

Mini Minor AFX slot cars

Above : 3 AFX scale "Mini's" , 2 sitting on "Supa G +" AFX chassis & one on a "Turbo" chassis , This body ( & a few others ) are available from a friend of mine ( David Gannaway ) via the Way Out West slot car website located in my "Links" page.

4 AFX cars with vacuum bodies

Here are 2 Ford Falcons & 2 Minis all lined up on the Supa G+ chassis , The Yellow "BA" Falcon is on a "Johnny Lightning" chassis.

AFX Supa G+ chassis

An "Up Close" pic of an AFX Supa G + chassis , while below - this pic shows the comparison between the Turbo & supa G+ chassis units.

Turbo & Supa G+

Here's a comparison between a "Turbo" chassis & a "Supa G+" chassis.

moulded AFX Falcon XY body

Above : Here's a "Vacuum formed" body by David Gannaway that he's made to suit the AFX type chassis , This is one that I've bought & painted ( rather hurriedly ) of an "XW / XY" series Ford Falcon & can now be cut from this moulding & fitted to a chassis.

AFX & J.L. Falcons

Here are two AFX Ford Falcons , My "XW/XY" on the left & My son's "BA" on the right , Both bodies are from my friend David Gannaway.

Please note that the "BA" sreies Falcon is sitting on a "Johnny Lightning" chassis for this pic.

AFX Volvo & Charger bodies 1

In these 2 pics ( above & Below ) are 2 more vacuumed bodies from my friend ( David Gannaway ) of a Volvo 740 & a "RT" series Valiant Charger.

AFX Volvo & Charger bodies 2

If you'd like any of these vacuumed bodies for your AFX slotcar collection just contact my Friend David Gannaway via his website which is located in my "Links" page , Just look for the Way Out West link.

AFX Dragster

Here is a pic of my AFX Dragster that my friend Davud Gannaway has vacuum formed for me , after painting & assembling it I then modified the front axle set to suit & mounted it onto a Supa G+ chassis.

AFX utes pic 1

In these 2 pics ( Above & Below ) show a redily available AFX ute , As you'll see here I've made a canopy for one of them just for something different & is modified to look like a Ford F250 Bronco , I hope to complete the paint job someday.

AFX utes pic 2 - ute & Bronco

My AFX & Johnny Lightning cars

Below are a few pics of my AFX collection , There are a few "Supa G+" cars in this group although most are just the "Turbo" type cars.

AFX collection pic 1

Here is the rest of my AFX collection ; I have been collecting these cars since 1994.

AFX collection pic 2

Above : Some "Turbo" cars along with some Super G+ cars.

Johnny Lightnings / T-jets

Here is my current collection of Johnny Lightning / Thunder Jet cars , These are also known as "JL's" , TJ's" or "T-Jets" & have their motors & gears mounted a lot differently to the AFX style cars , since this pic was taken I've collected some more of these cars which I hope to add here later.

My "Hollywood" collection

Below are a few of the "Hollywood" type cars that I've collected since I 1st created this page some years ago now , These cars include 2 versions of the Batmobile & 1 version of the De Lorean ( from the movie Back to The Future ) , I'd like to collect any others that anyone might have & wants to sell off as I'm currently looking for the Dukes of Hazzard's "General Lee" Dodge Charger or the Knight Rider's "KITT" Trans Am or any other "Hollywood" car that might be available.

AFX Hollywood collection

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