Contacts page

Welcome to my "Contact" page.

This is where you can "Contact me" with regards to my website ; If you feel that something could be altered or done differently or even if you have any questions about modelling - This is where you'll be able to do so.

When e-mailing me please put - "Regarding Website" or "Regarding Modelling" or whatever it is that you're inquiring about in the "Subject" line please , As I've had a few "Viruses" come through ( & one that ruined my last computer ) it would be easier for me to answer your e-mail ( to me ) if I can be sure that it isn't one that contains any viruses , Should your e-mail have one , my internet server might "Delete" the e-mail before I receive it.

I Take this opportunity to Thank you for taking the time to view any part of this website or even contacting me.


To e-mail me , just click on this link to send me an email message.
or you can also click on to send me an email message.
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