Current Projects

Welcome to my Current Projects page.This page shows just some of my projects that are still currently under construction or are nearly completed , As these projects are completed they'll be left on this page for a short while then they'll be removed from this page & placed in the respective page for that item.


Workshop Bench

Here's where I do most of my work building all those " Bits & Pieces" , Although it's looking a bit messy , It does become quite crowded with so many projects on the go at any given time , but this gets cleaned up when I've completed a few projects.

I have Scratchbuilt & Kitbashed many loco's in many scales & I've also completed a few Lloyds/DJH kits in " HO " scale too ; I have also helped to build a "Garrett" loco in Garden scale for a friend ; You can make enquiries by e-mailing me to find out about scratchbuilding a loco or kitbashing a loco for yourself , or if you have any kits to be built - I will be happy to build it for you at a reasonable cost , This includes any " DJH " or "A&R" kits in "HO" or any " N-Trains " railway Kits or any other plastic model kits that you might have too!


Thought for the Month :

Life is a journey that we all share , those who ride with us & leave at their destination share just a part of our journey through life as we do in their life's journey too , our destination is a mystery now which we'll find when it's our time to depart the train ride of life.

3 1/2" N.S.W.G.R C38 class loco

Back in Nov 2009 Myself & 2 friends went Thirds each in this 3 1/2" scale C38 class loco which has already been partly restored , It's my "long term" project that I'll tackle in parts as & when possible & I hope to get it back to working order by the end of 2013 or 2014 if possible but this project might take longer to complete than expected.

These next few pics will show how the loco looked when I bought it back in 2009 as some comparison to what it "should look like" when it gets completed , I've got a video of it on You Tube having an "Air Test" for those who might be interested.

C38 class pic 1

This pic shows the loco from the "Fireman's side" minus a lot of its fittings & such , ( as bought ).

C38 class pic 2

This pic shows the loco from the "Drivers side" sitting on some wooden track just for looks.

C38 class pic 5

Pic 5 shows it with the "Smokebox" removed for clarity.

C38 class pic 6

Pic 6 shows the loco sitting on my multi gauge track with the bolier , body & chassis all seperated for this series of pics.

C38 class pic 7

Pic 7 shows the loco from the other side.

C38 class pic 8

Pic 8 shows the loco from above , from this view you can see the Axle water pump in between the 1st & middle drive axle with the lubricating pump on the left hand side of the centre drive wheel & it's pipework going to the steam inlet near the cylinders.

C38 class pic 9

Pic 9 shows it from a different angle , As you can see from this pic - this loco is sitting on my Multi-gauge track that can run 3 1/2" scale , 5" sale & 7 1/4" as well plus from here you can see all the other underneath details that not many people get to see when an engine like this is all complete & running.

C38 class pic 10

Pic 10 shows the smoke box & bodywork that I'll end up re-building later on when the time is ready.

C38 class pic 36

pic 36 shows the loco Chassis finally sitting back on some track for the 1st time in years , This track is some of my "Multi Guage" track which is made for 3 1/2" , 5" & 7 1/4" scale trains.

C38 class pic 37

pic 37 shows it from the Rear Fireman's side on the same section of track ; These last few pics were taken in May 2013

C38 class pic 51

pic 51 shows the pair positioned on the work trolley to show how they'll look when all put together , however the Boiler & Firebox will also have their Cladding painted the same colour as the rest of the loco when done.

C38 class pic 63

pic 63 shows the underside of the Tender as not many people will see this when all done & steamed up later.

C38 class pic 64

pic 64 shows the Fire Box cladding & Turrett just sitting roughly where they will be when completed.

C38 class pic 65

pic 65 shows the new "link pin" that I've made so that the Tender & loco can be easily coupled together ; The Link pin is the "L" shaped piece of steel rod on the bench top.

C38 class pic 66

pic 66 shows how this loco is now looking with the Lubricator now in it's proper location after being re-located.

C38 class pic 68

pic 68 shows the Lubricator & it's new linkage as it should've been originally done when this loco was built.

C38 class pic 69

pic 69 shows a "close up" of the linkage in relation to the rest of the workings.

C38 class pic 70

pic 70 shows another view of everything but from a bit further back than the previous pic.

I hope to be able to place more pics here soon of this project as they become available.

The video of this loco having it's 1st air test can be seen via You Tube , Just use this link here to see it.

My 7 1/4" Railcars

Since completing the HO scale D53/D54 class loco & the Lima 42 class loco's - I'm now including some pics from 2017 of my 7 1/4" Railcars that I'll be working on over the next year or so , In this project - I'm currently working on the "Tail Car" of the 2 car set with the Power Car to be done when possible & hopefully by the end of 2018.

I'm planning on having these powered by a petrol motor & using that to drive the electric traction motors in the Bogies ( which still need to be made ) so I hope that I'll have these done within the next few years.

Railcar plans pic 1

Plan pic 1 shows the inital plans for my 2 car set of Railcars , these were drawn up with Microsoft Paint programme on my home p.c. as an idea of what I'm working towards.

Railcar plans pic 2

Plan pic 2 shows the "Inner" frame work for both carriages along with what I expect the outside shape to be when completed.

Railcar pic 1

Pic 1 shows the Tail car upside down on a work stand early in 2017 , at this stage I needed to cut away 4 recesses at each end of the Chassis Inner rails to accommodate the Wheel Flanges when negotiating any tight radius curves plus I also had to re-locate the Bearing Plates closer to the centre for my design of Bogies.

Railcar pic 2

Pic 2 shows a closer view of the work that I've done & completed.

Railcar pic 3

Pic 3 shows an end view for clarity , I've had to do this at both ends.

Railcar pic 4

Pic 4 shows the other end with work under way , the Bogie in this pic was previously a project here on my website from 2012 to 2015.

Railcar pic 5

Pic 5 shows the Etch Primer now done & just before the Black paint was applied.

Railcar pic 6

Pic 6 shows the 2 Railcar Chassis's side by side with the Tailcar Chassis on the track.

Railcar pic 7

Pic 7 shows a "low shot" mainly to show how my Bogies look under the Railcar Chassis.

Railcar pic 8

Pic 8 shows another "End shot" with the "old" steel frame remains just sitting on what will become the Power Car later on.

Railcar pic 9

Pic 9 shows my Cardboard "Template" of how the Cab section might look when done , this is a great way of working out what angles & sizes will work best before I go making the real item.

Railcar pic 10

Pic 10 shows a slightly different view for now.

Railcar pic 11

Pic 11 shows my Metal Band Saw hard at work cutting more steel which will be for the climbing Ladders / Steps plus for the Footings that the verticle uprights will be welded to.

Railcar pic 12

Pic 12 shows all of the Footings for Both railcars ( on the Right ) plus all of the sections to complete 6 of 8 Climbing Ladders / Steps on the Left side of this pic.

Railcar pic 13

Pic 13 shows 1 of the 8 Ladders / steps clamped together before I get welding it properly ; their location can be seen in the drawing behind it.

Railcar pic 14

Pic 14 shows a slightly different angle.

Railcar pic 15

Pic 15 shows 1 of the 8 steps now welded & ready for cleaning up plus paint.

Railcar pic 16

Pic 16 shows 6 of the 8 steps now done & ready for the cleaning & painting to be done.

Railcar pic 17

Pic 17 shows the Etch Primer coat on the 1st 4 of the steps , these will be fitted to the Trailer Car of the 2 car set.

Railcar pic 18

Pic 18 shows the Gloss Black paint that I've now applied to the 1st 4 steps.

Railcar pic 19

Pic 19 shows the 1st of the 4 Trailer Car steps now fitted into place.

Railcar pic 20

Pic 20 shows the side view of how they'll look when done.

Railcar pic 21

Pic 21 shows some of the verticle supports that I've cut for the Body Work , there's 10 for the Trailer Car plus 2 extras towards the Power Car when I get some more steel cut to size.

Railcar pic 22

Pic 22 shows the Footings that will be welded to the uprights for each unit , there's 10 Footings in all for both the Trailer Car & another 10 for the Power Car when it gets built later on.

Railcar pic 23

Pic 23 shows the 1st 4 uprights loosely bolted in place to check their respective heights with 1 of the 2 "Top Rails" just positioned on the top for now as a "visual" to see how it'll possibly look.

Railcar pic 24

Pic 24 shows the clearance that I have with my Bogies on my tight raduis corners out the front of my place , there's still plenty of gap until it hits the steps so I know that it'll never be a problem on any "club" tracks.

Railcar pic 25

Pic 25 shows the opposite end more so for clarification that it'll take the bend out the front yard.

Railcar pic 26

Pic 26 shows the uprights loosely bolted into place & awaiting "squaring" up properly & any other adjustments that might be required.

Railcar pic 27

Pic 27 shows a lower angle view to give a different perspective.

Railcar pic 28

Pic 28 shows the 2 "Top Rails" just loosely positioned to check the heights of each upright before any more welding is done.

Railcar pic 29

Pic 29 shows an end view of things for now , this will become the "Cab" end of it when done.

Railcar pic 30

Pic 30 shows the opposite end of the "Trailer Car" now that the uprights are all completed & bolted into place , as you can see in this pic - the 2 "Top Rails" & the 2 "Waist Rails" are ready to be welded into place before being trimmed to length.

Railcar pic 31

Pic 31 shows the almost completed framework just parked near by my mailbox with the cardboard template clamped in place for now.

Railcar pic 32

Pic 32 shows the almost completed frame work without the Cab in place just after completing some more welding , at this stage there's only 2 more strengtheners to be cut & welded into place.

Railcar pic 33

Pic 33 shows the opposite end so you can see the 2 strengtheners clearer which are now on both ends , after this is all done there'll be the main Bodywork to be started along with the Cab sections.

Railcar pic 34

Pic 34 shows yet another view out the front after all of the welding has been completed but don't worry about the cardboard template as it will be replaced later on with the proper Cab section that's still to be made.

Railcar pic 35

Pic 35 shows the opposite end again so you can see its progress , the Villiers Petrol engine under the tarp might get used for powering the "Power Car" when I can get to build that section later on.

Railcar pic 36

Pic 36 shows the Tail car ( in Feb 2018 ) without the Cab in place & along side the Power car which is still upside down on the work stand & awaiting the Body frame work to be started now that work has been done to the underside of the Power car.

Railcar pic 37

Pic 37 shows the opposite end as a comparison.

Railcar pic 38

Pic 38 shows some of the modifications that I've had to make to the Power car Chassis centre frames in order to make sure that there'll some Flange clearances on tight radius corners if required just as I've done to the Trailer car Chassis.

Railcar pic 39

Pic 39 shows the coupling that I've added to the rear end of the Trailer car with the safety chain work soon to be done.

Railcar pic 40

Pic 40 shows how the slightly revised Cab details that are planned for these railcars might look when done , I've finally added the Windows , Headlight & Grille details in Black texta for some clarity since any previous pic.

Railcar pic 41

Pic 41 shows a Front-on view of what's planned but minus any mistakes that can be seen in my marking out all going well.

Railcar pic 42

Pic 42 shows the newer Lower profile angle which I feel looks much better than I had previously done , I'm not too sure if I'll be keeping the large front panel ( where the Headlights will be ) or making this area a bit more "Slimlined" perhaps???

Railcar pic 43

Pic 43 show the Inside shot as a "Hollow Shell" view , there'll be a bit of steel framework to be made later on which will fit inside here but the cardboard "Template" is just for proportioning & planning at this stage.

Railcar pic 44

Pic 44 shows the Rear Seat Support now in place as will be visable in the previous pic for the Front Seat Support , there are another 2 Seat Supports to be made for this railcar plus another 4 for the Power car.

Railcar pic 45

Pic 45 shows the Power car now sitting upright again & on 2 wooden blocks after doing all of the underfloor work that was needed , this is the tail end of the carriage looking towards the Front end for now.

Railcar pic 46

Pic 46 shows the same thing but looking from the Front end , when I make the 2 Driver's Cabs for these - there'll be 2 lots of steelwork to be done but I'll also need to still make the Bogies for this car yet.

My HO scale Sydney "R" & "R1" class trams.

Although I've had these kits since the mid 1990's - I'm finally having an attempt to get them built while I can inbetween other projects that are on the go , these kits were made by Weico but aren't available anymore as the company has closed up due to retirement ( or something like that ) from what I was told.

HO Tram pic 1

Pic 1 shows both the "R" & "R1" class trams with their boxes & associated parts before assembly.

HO Tram pic 2

Pic 2 shows a closer view of the "R" class tram kit as it comes out of the box.

HO Tram pic 3

Pic 3 shows a closer view of the "R1" class tram kit as it comes out of the box.

Pic 4 shows a close up view of the "R" class kit parts as they were packed.

Pic 5 shows a close up view of the "R1" class kit parts as they were packed.

Note: All these pics were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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