Current Projects

Welcome to my Current Projects page.This page shows just some of my projects that are still currently under construction or are nearly completed , As these projects are completed they'll be left on this page for a short while then they'll be removed from this page & placed in the respective page for that item.


Workshop Bench

Here's where I do most of my work building all those " Bits & Pieces" , Although it's looking a bit messy , It does become quite crowded with so many projects on the go at any given time , but this gets cleaned up when I've completed a few projects.

I have Scratchbuilt & Kitbashed many loco's in many scales & I've also completed a few Lloyds/DJH kits in " HO " scale too ; I have also helped to build a "Garrett" loco in Garden scale for a friend ; You can make enquiries by e-mailing me to find out about scratchbuilding a loco or kitbashing a loco for yourself , or if you have any kits to be built - I will be happy to build it for you at a reasonable cost , This includes any " DJH " or "A&R" kits in "HO" or any " N-Trains " railway Kits or any other plastic model kits that you might have too!


Thought for the Month :

I'm told that you shoud treat other people just as you'd like to be treat in return , that's why I tripped up the guy who beat me to the toilet paper shelf during Covid.

3 1/2" N.S.W.G.R C38 class loco

Back in Nov 2009 Myself & 2 friends went Thirds each in this 3 1/2" scale C38 class loco which has already been partly restored , It's my "long term" project that I'll tackle in parts as & when possible & I hope to get it back to working order by the end of 2013 or 2014 if possible but this project might take longer to complete than expected.

These next few pics will show how the loco looked when I bought it back in 2009 as some comparison to what it "should look like" when it gets completed , I've got a video of it on You Tube having an "Air Test" for those who might be interested.

C38 class pic 1

This pic shows the loco from the "Fireman's side" minus a lot of its fittings & such , ( as bought ).

C38 class pic 2

This pic shows the loco from the "Drivers side" sitting on some wooden track just for looks.

C38 class pic 5

Pic 5 shows it with the "Smokebox" removed for clarity.

C38 class pic 6

Pic 6 shows the loco sitting on my multi gauge track with the bolier , body & chassis all seperated for this series of pics.

C38 class pic 7

Pic 7 shows the loco from the other side.

C38 class pic 8

Pic 8 shows the loco from above , from this view you can see the Axle water pump in between the 1st & middle drive axle with the lubricating pump on the left hand side of the centre drive wheel & it's pipework going to the steam inlet near the cylinders.

C38 class pic 9

Pic 9 shows it from a different angle , As you can see from this pic - this loco is sitting on my Multi-gauge track that can run 3 1/2" scale , 5" sale & 7 1/4" as well plus from here you can see all the other underneath details that not many people get to see when an engine like this is all complete & running.

C38 class pic 10

Pic 10 shows the smoke box & bodywork that I'll end up re-building later on when the time is ready.

C38 class pic 36

pic 36 shows the loco Chassis finally sitting back on some track for the 1st time in years , This track is some of my "Multi Guage" track which is made for 3 1/2" , 5" & 7 1/4" scale trains.

C38 class pic 37

pic 37 shows it from the Rear Fireman's side on the same section of track ; These last few pics were taken in May 2013

C38 class pic 51

pic 51 shows the pair positioned on the work trolley to show how they'll look when all put together , however the Boiler & Firebox will also have their Cladding painted the same colour as the rest of the loco when done.

C38 class pic 63

pic 63 shows the underside of the Tender as not many people will see this when all done & steamed up later.

C38 class pic 64

pic 64 shows the Fire Box cladding & Turrett just sitting roughly where they will be when completed.

C38 class pic 65

pic 65 shows the new "link pin" that I've made so that the Tender & loco can be easily coupled together ; The Link pin is the "L" shaped piece of steel rod on the bench top.

C38 class pic 66

pic 66 shows how this loco is now looking with the Lubricator now in it's proper location after being re-located.

C38 class pic 68

pic 68 shows the Lubricator & it's new linkage as it should've been originally done when this loco was built.

C38 class pic 69

pic 69 shows a "close up" of the linkage in relation to the rest of the workings.

C38 class pic 70

pic 70 shows another view of everything but from a bit further back than the previous pic.

Sorry for no updates on this project in ages but money & time hasn't been on my side for about 4 or more years now but I do intend on getting back onto this project when possible.

I hope to be able to place more pics here soon of this project as they become available.

The video of this loco having it's 1st air test can be seen via You Tube , Just use this link here to see it.

My 7 1/4" Railcars

Since completing the HO scale D53/D54 class loco & the Lima 42 class loco's some years ago - I'm now including some pics from 2017 onwards of my 7 1/4" Railcars that I'll be working on over the next few years or so , In this project - I'm currently working on the "Tail Car" of the 2 car set with the Power Car to be done when possible & hopefully by the end of 2018 or 2021 if possible.

I'm planning on having these powered by a petrol motor & using that motor to drive the electric traction motors in the Bogies ( which the bogies still need to be made ) so I hope that I'll have these done within the next few years all going well.

Railcar plans pic 1

Plan pic 1 shows the inital plans for my 2 car set of Railcars , these were drawn up with Microsoft Paint programme on my home p.c. as an idea of what I'm working towards.

Thee are loosely based on the shape of the Perth surburban electric railcars ( the "A" series railcars ) with the window line based on the "Australind" Diesel railcar set & a Heavily modified N.S.W. XPT style nose design to suit my design of railcar.

Railcar plans pic 2

Plan pic 2 shows the "Inner" frame work for both carriages along with what I expect the outside shape to be when completed.

Railcar pic 1

Pic 1 shows the Tail car upside down on a work stand early in 2017 , at this stage I needed to cut away 4 recesses at each end of the Chassis Inner rails to accommodate the Wheel Flanges when negotiating any tight radius curves plus I also had to re-locate the Bearing Plates closer to the centre for my design of Bogies.

Railcar pic 6

Pic 6 shows the 2 Railcar Chassis's side by side with the Tailcar Chassis on the track & the power car up on blocks.

Railcar pic 26

Pic 26 shows the uprights loosely bolted into place & awaiting "squaring" up properly & any other adjustments that might be required.

Railcar pic 36

Pic 36 shows the Tail car ( in Feb 2018 ) without the Cab in place & along side the Power car which is still upside down on the work stand & awaiting the Body frame work to be started now that work has been done to the underside of the Power car.

Railcar pic 40

Pic 40 shows how the slightly revised Cab details that are planned for these railcars & how they might look when done , I've finally added the Windows , Headlight & Grille details in Black texta for some clarity since any previous pic.

Railcar pic 47

Pic 47 shows the 1st part of the Cab framework clamped to the main body frame in May 2018.

Railcar pic 57

Pic 57 shows the completed cab frame work with it's new lower angle & slimmer front panel where the lights will be when fully completed.

Railcar pic 58

Pic 58 shows the new ( revised ) cab profile with other work still awaiting to be done.

Railcar pic 61

Pic 61 shows the 2 "hooks" that help to locate the cab frame so it can be bolted in place.

Railcar pic 63

Pic 63 shows the ( mostly ) completed frame work which is just waiting for the next few pieces of steel to be bought , cut & fitted into place.

Railcar pic 65

Pic 65 shows the 2 new Headlight mountings now made & "test fitted" into place for now with the air grille sitting in between the 2 light mountings ; you might notice the 2 Red "G" clamps protruding out the front until I can fix them into place properly with screws or pop rivets.

Railcar pic 67

Pic 67 shows the new LED lighting now fitted in & wired up ready for when the rest of the work can be done a bit later on.

Railcar pic 82

Pic 82 shows the whole unit ( Tail car ) with the newly modified sides , although you might not be able to see it clearly - the centre 2 sections can now be folded down ( as 1 piece ) to allow people to climb in it without the need to be double jointed.
( just a precautionary measure.... )

Railcar pic 88

Pic 88 shows all of the components that'll be required for the Front Coupling to be assembled , I'm using some scrap 19mm tubing for the shaft with some 5mm flat bar for the coupling head ( plus the Coupling Face which isn't in this series of pics ) & some scrap 3mm flat bar for the pivot.

Railcar pic 98

Pic 98 shows how the coupling now looks & is ready for testing & then painting.

Railcar pic 100

Pic 100 shows the coupling in the "travel" position & now with the safety chain in place as well.

Railcar pic 103

Pic 103 shows my mini railcar now loaded & ready to go down to Cohunu Park in May 2019 for it's 1st set of "trial runs" around their tracks , after making the front "hidden coupling" I now need to set about a series of "test runs" just to be certain that there won't be any issues later on.

Railcar pic 104

Pic 104 shows my mini railcar now down at Cohunu Park & parked on the shed loop line before it goes into their workshops for a while where I can do some more work on it & then do the test runs around their tracks ; you can click on this pic here to see the 1st test run around their tracks.

Railcar pic 114

Pic 114 shows the Rear Wall now with it's coat of Etch Primer now done.

Railcar pic 117B

Pic 117B shows my "original" design that I'd come up with back in 1991 of what I imagined the new Perth surburban trains "might" look like when they were to be introduced later on , this was scanned onto my computer from off an "old" desk planner page to show what I'm now working towards with this project.

Railcar pic 118

Pic 118 shows my railcar sitting outside the Cohunu Park workshop now sporting a "paper" template type bodywork for now , I'm hoping to buy the steel sheeting very soon for this project but these next few pics will give you an "idea" of how it's planned to look later on.

Railcar pic 120

Pic 120 shows a "side on view" as a way to illustrate the eventual view of things to come ( plus the internal frame work that can be seen at the moment ) , I still need to make a lower panel to fit in between the Bogies yet but I shall get onto that later on.

Railcar pic 121

Pic 121 shows a "rear end view" for now as a way to illustrate the shape of my railcar unit , the intended Power Car for this will look the same as this will eventually when all completed but it'll have a petrol motor inside it to power the drive / traction motors that'll be fitted into the Power Bogies when I can get to make them.

Railcar pic 122

Pic 122 shows the "Drop down door" in the "Down" position which will be used for passengers to either get on board or to get off my railcar unit at a station.

Railcar pic 139

Pic 139 shows the Tail car Tail Lights switched "on" & you "should" see the Power car Head Lights also powered up & "on" ( placed above on the sponge foam & perspex window panel ) as I've now got all of the lighting completed in readiness for the building of the Power car ( which I've now started on ).

Railcar pic 140

Pic 140 shows the Tail car Head Lights "on" & above the roof line you "should" be able to see the Power car Tail Lights also "on" , with the wiring - I shall be tidying up all of those wires with some plastic flexible tubing ( conveluted tubing ) to help make it look a bit more "professional".

Railcar pic 149

Pic 149 shows the "Power car" on the work stand awaiting for me to complete it , you'll see the front coupling is already fitted to the front end.

Railcar pic 150

Pic 150 shows the Rear end of it which also has a coupling already fitted to it ; it's at this point that I still need to cut & fit the 2 "Side Rails" to the uprights plus the 2 end sections with their diagonal supports.

Railcar pic 151

Pic 151 shows the beginning of the Cab Frame work just clamped onto the Body frame for now.

Railcar pic 161

Pic 161 shows the lower door panel now fitted in it's place along with the 2 "locks" that help keep it shut when not needed to be open.

Railcar pic 162

Pic 162 shows the Lower Door panel in the "open" position for when it's needed to be pulled or pushed at any time.

Railcar pic 164

Pic 164 shows the inner front wall panel now fitted in place as seen from the inside view ; from this pic you'll notice that I've now fixed the wiring to the wall panel & this will be tidied up further before it's all completed.

Railcar pic 165

Pic 165 shows the Cab "Roof Top" now mostly made & loosely fitted into place for now.

Railcar pic 172

Pic 172 shows the Cab Roof ( still with some marking out showing ) now fixed into place & with a few "mod's" to be done to it as I can't lift up the Roof panel enough to access the inside of the Cab just yet , I hope to have that sorted out real soon if possible.

Railcar pic 182

Pic 182 shows possibly "not the best shot" of the motor & Bogie arrangement , but if you look very carefully underneath the centre area - you can see the power lead that goes to the motor & how close that the Gearbox sits to the track , I might have to raise the height of the motor a little but I can't raise it too much otherwise it'll hit underneath the floor rails on a curve perhaps???

Railcar pic 183

Pic 183 shows a "closer view" from underneath , although I have the drive chain & drive sprocket for it - I'll need to bore out the centre hole of it so it can slide easily over the Axle & then be "locked" into place when done.

Railcar pic 184

Pic 184 shows what little clearance I have to "play with" when you look up near the top of the motor area , "if" I could've bought a motor with an "in line" planetary style gearbox for this purpose - it'd have worked out better for me instead.

Railcar pic 185

Pic 185 shows how this first experiment has been done so far , if it works out sucessfully enough - I'm looking at driving both Axles with the 1 motor using 1 axle to drive the other.

Railcar pic 186

Pic 186 shows an "end view" of the Bogie so far , you'll need to visualise the drive sprocket & drive chain on the axle ( Right Hand side of the pic ) with a pair of drive sprockets & chain on the Left Hand side linking both axles.

Railcar pic 188

Pic 188 shows the Motor & Gearbox unit with the original 9 tooth sprocket that I've removed from this unit.

Railcar pic 189

Pic 189 shows the replacement 18 tooth drive sprocket now fitted onto the Drive Shaft with the locking nut still to be refitted very soon.

Railcar pic 190

Pic 190 shows the clearance that I have available to me plus with the lock nut now refitted.

Railcar pic 191

Pic 191 shows the Dashboard now made & just sitting in place for the 1st time to see how it looks.

Railcar pic 192

Pic 192 shows the same thing but through the side Cab window.

Railcar pic 198

Pic 198 shows the Dashboard now temporarily fitted into place for now so I can decide on how I want it to look.

Railcar pic 203

Pic 203 shows a "modified" way of locating the Drive Motor & set up arrangement ; If you can imagine just 1 motor driving 2 axles in each Bogie - That's what I'm aiming for.

Railcar pic 204

Pic 204 shows a view from above , the Rear Drive Sprocket is just sitting on top of the Axle for now just to give some idea of where it'll be fitted very soon.

Railcar pic 205

Pic 205 shows a "side view" mainly to show the available space that is being taken up with this arrangement.

Railcar pic 206

Pic 206 shows an "end view" so that you can see the amount of clearance space that I have to work with before the Drive Sprocket is fitted properly in place on the Axle & the Drive chain is cut to length.

Railcar pic 207

Pic 207 shows the amount of clearance that I have underneath the carriage floor ( & on a curve ) so that you can get some idea of how little space is actually available to me.

Railcar pic 209

Pic 209 shows a slightly different view with the roller door now down & the Head lights on , you might also be able to see a new Lower "sill" panel positioned into place next to the Front Step area which you'll get to see a bit better in the next pic.

Railcar pic 211

Pic 211 shows a clearer look at the new "test panel" ( in White paint & dirty looking ) ; by now I've made & painted the final panels which are now in place which you'll get to see here soon.

Railcar pic 212

Pic 212 shows the newly printed Dashboard control panel insert that's been "taped" to the metal console panel before it gets put back into place.

Railcar pic 213

Pic 213 shows how it looks when it's in it's place inside the Cab.

Railcar pic 214

Pic 214 shows another view from the outside of the Cab & before I make the Driver's Seat that I'm planning on having within there.

Railcar pic 215

Pic 215 shows the 2 sections of the Lower Sill Panels clamped into position to check that they'll fit properly before being fixed into place more permanently.

Railcar pic 216

Pic 216 shows the Right Hand side panels now painted in the "Etch Primer" paint while the railcar sits out side in the sun.

Railcar pic 217

Pic 217 shows the same thing but from the tail end.

Railcar pic 218

Pic 218 shows the profile of 1 of the Lower Sill Panels which I've formed from flat sheet Galvanised steel , there are 2 panels per side for those who are interested in knowing.

Railcar pic 219

Pic 219 shows how it's roughly positioned into place for Test Fitting , this panel is for the Front End but you should get the idea of how it's being done.

Railcar pic 220

Pic 220 shows the Power car unit here at my house ( still awaiting a lot of work to be done on it ) with my "sample panel" on it of what paint job is planned for it later on when it's time to paint it.

Railcar pic 222

Pic 222 shows my new driver "Nickerless" who is currently a "nudist" but will eventually need to wear a uniform in public running in his new Driver's seat that I've made from some scrap wood off cuts that I had lying around.

Railcar pic 225

Pic 225 shows the Driver's Seat now painted in Black paint & almost ready for installation.

Railcar pic 227

Pic 227 shows the colour "sample panel" positioned on the tailcar unit just for looks , from this pic you can see where the window line & Door is planned to go.

Railcar pic 229

Pic 229 shows Nickerless in the Driver's position inside the Tailcar unit.

Railcar pic 230

Pic 230 shows the Cab details through the side window view ; as the windows aren't fixed into place just yet - I'm using some painters tape to hold them in until they're ready to be fixed into place properly.

Railcar pic 231

Pic 231 shows the "Hidden" toolbox that's being located under the floor of my railcar for any necessary tools that I might require for my railcar later on.

Railcar pic 233

Pic 233 shows the 1st pair of Side Doors that I've made for the lower part of the railcar with a 2nd pair not shown here but made.

Railcar pic 234

Pic 234 shows 1 of the Side Doors very loosely held in place to show how it's planned to be before being painted.

Railcar pic 235

Pic 235 shows the other Side Door for the other end.

Railcar pic 236

Pic 236 shows paper that I've put on this side ( again ) just to re-make another "template" so that I can work to a plan for when I get to paint it later on ; This gives you some idea of the paint job that I have planned for it.

Railcar pic 237

Pic 237 shows the car horn that I'm using for this project , although I'm not really a Holden "Commodore" fan - this horn is from a VE series Commodore sounds close to what sound that I''m wanting for a "train" sound.

Railcar pic 238

Pic 238 shows some of the wiring that I'm using , the twin wire goes from the Driver's Console to the Rear Traction Motor while the single Red wire goes from the Horn Button to the Horn ; This is all hidden behind the Lower Valances.

Railcar pic 239

239 shows the Perspex panel that I'm using for the Destination Board , I'll be painting part of it Black as you'll see here soon.

Railcar pic 240

Pic 240 shows the masked & painted side of the Perspex , this will become the inside of the Destination Board as you'll get to see here soon.

Railcar pic 241

Pic 241 shows the same piece but from the other side ( the outside face ) that you'll see when done.

Railcar pic 242

Pic 242 shows my "Test prints" for my railcar Destination Board that I've done , I've placed the perspex window over the top of the "Test Prints" so that you can see how it'll look later on when it's installed.

Railcar pic 243

Pic 243 shows the Destination Board just sitting on top of the Driver's window so that you can see where it's going to be fitted very soon.

Railcar pic 244

Pic 244 shows how things look with the paper slipped in behind the perspex window which has now been fitted into place properly now.

Railcar pic 245

Pic 245 shows just this 1 side for now with the 1st of 2 Lower Doors now hinged in place & awaiting the 2nd door to be fitted as well , after that they'll be both painted winth the Etch Primer paint which will be followed by a few coats of Black paint.

Railcar pic 246

Pic 246 shows both Lower Doors now fitted to this side with the other 2 Lower Doors for the other side just about to be done as well.

Railcar pic 247

Pic 247 shows the Destination Board now fitted into place above the Driver's window & 1 of several peices of paper slipped in behind it just for good measure so you can get an idea of how it's progressing along.

Railcar pic 248

Pic 248 shows the Driver's Entry Door now outlined to give the impression that there's actually a door of some sort in place.

Railcar pic 249

Pic 249 shows both Lower Doors now in the Etch Primer paint which has been done to both sides now.

Railcar pic 250

Pic 250 shows the "Control Box" where the Speed Control will be plugged into when required along with the Headlight switch in the centre & 2 other push button switches on either side of it.

Railcar pic 251

Pic 251 shows the sides all masked up in readiness for the painting of the Lower Door panels.

Railcar pic 252

Pic 252 show the same thing but from the other side of the railcar.

Railcar pic 253

Pic 253 shows the Black paint now applied to 1 side of the railcar before being unmasked.

Railcar pic 254

Pic 254 shows the other side also now done.

Railcar pic 255

Pic 255 shows the Front area now masked up & also painted in Black too which you'll get to see very soon as to why I've done this.

Railcar pic 256

Pic 256 shows it from the other side just for a comparison.

Railcar pic 257

Pic 257 shows why I'd painted the Front top areas in Black as I'd wanted for the whole window area to look as 1 piece.

Railcar pic 258

Pic 258 shows how it looks once again but with the lights on , I've since fitted an LED light board in behind the Destination sign area which I shall hopefully have here in early 2021.

Railcar pic 259

Pic 259 shows the "Destination Board" now all lit up & with 1 of several destination cards in it showing how it might look later on at night parked up in a station or yard type scene but with some Light Bleed illuminating the Cab before I make & install a Card Holder for it.

Railcar pic 260

Pic 260 shows things from above & with part of the Cab Roof removed so you can see how it's done.

Railcar pic 261

Pic 261 shows things from behind - you can see the LED Light Bar just hanging from 2 Support Hooks & with a light dimmer in the background ( partly obscured ) for now.

Railcar pic 262

Pic 262 shows the 2 Card Holders now made & painted in Gloss Black before they're refitted into their place.

Railcar pic 263

Pic 263 shows just 1 of them from below so you can see how it is fitted into place ; the light dimmer is clearly seen to the Right Hand corner for now but I might relocate it later on though.

Railcar pic 264

Pic 264 shows a "close up" view of the card holder & the lower part of the Support Hooks.

Railcar pic 265

Pic 265 shows how it now looks with the Cab window now back in place & the LED bar lit up.

Railcar pic 266

Pic 266 shows an "end view" of the now partially modified bogie with only 1 axle now connected to the motor with the other axle due to be connected as soon as I can , you might notice the 2nd 18 tooth sprocket on the main axle with the 3rd 18 tooth sprocket to be located in line on the other axle & a disc brake will also be located on that same axle.

Feb 2021 has been an exciting time for this projects progress.

Railcar pic 267

Pic 267 shows a side view of the same bogie just for a better view , not long after this pic was taken I managed to do 2 test runs of my railcar out of the shed twice & back under it''s own power ( not loco hauled ) & I hope to have some video up on my You Tube channel real soon when possible of the 1st test drive for your enjoyment.


Please be patient with me on this project as I'm putting it on "go-slow" for a few weeks but I hope to include some new pics with next month's update. Thank you.

Also - as a note to everyone , On Saturday the 13th of Feb 2021 I've finally got the chain drive fitted up & have successfuly driven the railcar out of the shed & back twice for it's 1st "powered" test runs ; I've also done some video of the event which I hope to have uploaded to You Tube when I can.

My N.S.W.G.R. "L" carriage set

With the completion of my HO scale "Back To The Future" locomotive that's also known as a Siera #3 - I've not done much during December due to other things that were needed to be seen to so with January now gone as well - I've finally got onto some other projects that have been put to one side for ages ; About 1998 or 1999 area I'd bought & started on a 6 car passenger set of the N.S.W.G.R. "L" series of carriages , these were made as a "set" of 6 with some of them being a "stand alone" independant unit for use with other carriages in the N.S.W.G.R. fleet at that time.

I'd bought these carriages from new & with moving house in 2001 to where we live now - I feel that really "should" complete them while I have the chance to do so , so here's the project from where it was left from & it's eventual completion many years later , enjoy following my progress.

NSWGR L cars pic 01

Pic 1 shows the box of carriages as bought from new back in the late 1990's , these were available from Lloyds Model Railways at that time & are now available via Casula Hobbies in N.S.W. as a ready to run model.

NSWGR L cars pic 02

Pic 2 shows a laminated calendar pic showing a C36 class towing an "L" set behind it , this is the same colour scheme that I'm planning on doing my HO scale set into when they're all done.

NSWGR L cars pic 03

Pic 3 shows the opened box with all 6 carriage inside it , sadly , you'll be able to see that 1 of them has been damaged into it's individual parts ( body wise ) but it is repirable though.

NSWGR L cars pic 04

Pic 4 shows just "some" of the many parts that make up this 6 car set , at the top is the 6 pairs of steps ( 2 for each carriage ) that are done in etch Brass with the cast White Metal Buffers in the bag on the Left along with the under floor details in the middle bag & the Roof Vents in the bag on the Right.

NSWGR L cars pic 05

Pic 5 shows a clearer view of these items just for clarity along with the Brass wire for the Handrails , what I don't have in this pic is the Brass wire for the under floor Truss Rods & Queen Posts that's also included in this Kit.

NSWGR L cars pic 06

Pic 6 shows 1 of the 2 HFL terrminal cars along with the damaged FL carriage ( which will be fixed up very soon ) , as you'll be able to see that these carriages have wooden floors & rooves but it won't be too noticable later on.

NSWGR L cars pic 07

Pic 7 shows the end of the HFL before the Handrails , Roof Vents etc are fitted.

NSWGR L cars pic 08

Pic 8 shows the FL carriage in all of it's "bits" before I attempt to fix it up & make it a part of the set once again.

NSWGR L cars pic 09

Pic 9 shows the complete 6 car set on my testing board now that I've repaired the broken FL carriage , This test track is set up for testing loco's & carriages through point work just to make sure that everything will be OK on any layout when the time comes.

NSWGR L cars pic 10

Pic 10 shows the set from above just to show how well they flex through Peco point work.

NSWGR L cars pic 11

Pic 11 shows the set from a different angle so that you can see how they look at the moment.

NSWGR L cars pic 12

Pic 12 shows my Lima Brand C38 class ( 3801 ) at the head of the train doing that "A Steam Train Passes" moment but using 3830's tender in this pic as it has a Kadee coupling fitted to it.

NSWGR L cars pic 13

Pic 13 shows the cast White Metal Buffers , Tail Marker Lights , Flettener Vent ( for the RFL roof ) & alternate Buffer Plates for the modified HFL's before being fitted to these carriages.

NSWGR L cars pic 14

Pic 14 shows 1 of the 2 HFL's with just the steps now fitted , I'd painted the chassis area in Black back when I'd 1st assembled these carriages many years ago just to see how it might look when done.

NSWGR L cars pic 15

Pic 15 shows the first lot of Handrails now fitted to the end wall along with the Buffers , Lamp Irons & Tail Marker Lights also now fitted as well.

NSWGR L cars pic 16

Pic 16 shows the opposite end of the HFL with the Doorway Vestibules fitted along with the Buffers & Grab rails.

NSWGR L cars pic 17

Pic 17 shows the roof of the HFL now that the "Torpedo" Roof Vents have been fittted.

NSWGR L cars pic 18

Pic 18 shows the FL now awaiting the "Torpedo" type Roof Vents about to be fitted on after pre-drilling all of the holes that are required.

NSWGR L cars pic 19

Pic 19 shows the assortment of "bits" that were all packed inside just 1 of the 3 bags of parts that were supplied before being sorted out.

NSWGR L cars pic 20

Pic 20 shows the same parts but now sorted out into their respective order ready for locating into their places under the carriage floors.

NSWGR L cars pic 21

Pic 21 shows the underside of the RFL ( restaraunt / Buffet car ) against the floor plan drawing so that you can see where the required parts go on this carriage.

NSWGR L cars pic 22

Pic 22 shows the underside of the FL carriage so that you can see the details of it as will be the same for 1 of the BL cars as well,

NSWGR L cars pic 23

Pic 23 shows both the FL & BL cars side by side against the floor plan drawing for any of you out there wanting to achieve this same thing as I am.

NSWGR L cars pic 24

Pic 24 shows the under side of the other BL carriage just for a comparison to the 1st BL car above here.

NSWGR L cars pic 25

Pic 25 shows the 2 HFL's side by side & against the floor plan drawing so that you can see how they look with all of the details now added & before I paint them.

more pics to come soon.

Note: All these pics were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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