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Welcome to my Current Projects page.This page shows just some of my projects that are still currently under construction or are nearly completed , As these projects are completed they'll be left on this page for a short while then they'll be removed from this page & placed in the respective page for that item.


Workshop Bench

Here's where I do most of my work building all those " Bits & Pieces" , Although it's looking a bit messy , It does become quite crowded with so many projects on the go at any given time , but this gets cleaned up when I've completed a few projects.

I have Scratchbuilt & Kitbashed many loco's in many scales & I've also completed a few Lloyds/DJH kits in " HO " scale too ; I have also helped to build a "Garrett" loco in Garden scale for a friend ; You can make enquiries by e-mailing me to find out about scratchbuilding a loco or kitbashing a loco for yourself , or if you have any kits to be built - I will be happy to build it for you at a reasonable cost , This includes any " DJH " or "A&R" kits in "HO" or any " N-Trains " railway Kits or any other plastic model kits that you might have too!


Thought for the Month :

No one should think they are too busy to learn anything , you must say to yourself - I will practice AND Master it!!

3 1/2" N.S.W.G.R C38 class loco

Back in Nov 2009 Myself & 2 friends went Thirds each in this 3 1/2" scale C38 class loco which has already been partly restored , It's my "long term" project that I'll tackle in parts as & when possible & I hope to get it back to working order by the end of 2013 or 2014 if possible but this project might take longer to complete than expected.

These next few pics will show how the loco looked when I bought it back in 2009 as some comparison to what it "should look like" when it gets completed , I've got a video of it on You Tube having an "Air Test" for those who might be interested.

C38 class pic 1

This pic shows the loco from the "Fireman's side" minus a lot of its fittings & such , ( as bought ).

C38 class pic 2

This pic shows the loco from the "Drivers side" sitting on some wooden track just for looks.

C38 class pic 5

Pic 5 shows it with the "Smokebox" removed for clarity.

C38 class pic 6

Pic 6 shows the loco sitting on my multi gauge track with the bolier , body & chassis all seperated for this series of pics.

C38 class pic 7

Pic 7 shows the loco from the other side.

C38 class pic 8

Pic 8 shows the loco from above , from this view you can see the Axle water pump in between the 1st & middle drive axle with the lubricating pump on the left hand side of the centre drive wheel & it's pipework going to the steam inlet near the cylinders.

C38 class pic 9

Pic 9 shows it from a different angle , As you can see from this pic - this loco is sitting on my Multi-gauge track that can run 3 1/2" scale , 5" sale & 7 1/4" as well plus from here you can see all the other underneath details that not many people get to see when an engine like this is all complete & running.

C38 class pic 10

Pic 10 shows the smoke box & bodywork that I'll end up re-building later on when the time is ready.

C38 class pic 36

pic 36 shows the loco Chassis finally sitting back on some track for the 1st time in years , This track is some of my "Multi Guage" track which is made for 3 1/2" , 5" & 7 1/4" scale trains.

C38 class pic 37

pic 37 shows it from the Rear Fireman's side on the same section of track ; These last few pics were taken in May 2013

C38 class pic 51

pic 51 shows the pair positioned on the work trolley to show how they'll look when all put together , however the Boiler & Firebox will also have their Cladding painted the same colour as the rest of the loco when done.

C38 class pic 63

pic 63 shows the underside of the Tender as not many people will see this when all done & steamed up later.

C38 class pic 64

pic 64 shows the Fire Box cladding & Turrett just sitting roughly where they will be when completed.

C38 class pic 65

pic 65 shows the new "link pin" that I've made so that the Tender & loco can be easily coupled together ; The Link pin is the "L" shaped piece of steel rod on the bench top.

C38 class pic 66

pic 66 shows how this loco is now looking with the Lubricator now in it's proper location after being re-located.

C38 class pic 68

pic 68 shows the Lubricator & it's new linkage as it should've been originally done when this loco was built.

C38 class pic 69

pic 69 shows a "close up" of the linkage in relation to the rest of the workings.

C38 class pic 70

pic 70 shows another view of everything but from a bit further back than the previous pic.

I hope to be able to place more pics here soon of this project as they become available.

The video of this loco having it's 1st air test can be seen via You Tube , Just use this link here to see it.

Lima HO scale 42 class loco rebuilds

Since completing the French 230K loco for someone - I began on these 5 Lima HO scale loco's which were originally released in the mid 1980's & were made to represent the New South Wales Railways 42 class loco's , these were also made to represent the "S" class diesels of the Victorian Railways plus the "GM" class diesels of the South Australian Railways ( Australian National Railways - ANR ) or the Commonwealth Railways as it was known then ; In this project I'll be going through the required mod's that represent them properly with a video of the mod's to be included on my You Tube chanel too ( locoman3801 channel ) , I've got the video for this project done & I have included the link here with the 2nd last pic of this project for your convenience.

Another couple of projects that I've started on in March / April 2017 will be also included here soon which are a pair of 7 1/4" railcars plus a 7 1/4" level crossing for my back yard mini railway but they might have to wait until next month's or next years update.

Lima locos pic 1

Pic 1 shows All 5 Lima 42 class loco's ( plus 1 Hornby version in the South Australian Commonwealth Railways Maroon & Silver & represents a "GM" class loco ) lined up on display before any mod's are done.

Lima locos pic 3

Pic 3 shows all 6 loco's all lined up on a length of track with their bodies removed so that people can see how they look inside them.

Lima locos pic 7

Pic 7 shows 4 of the Bodies in front of their respective chassis's with the 1st of the mod's now done to the lower R.H. side of the front ends as you'll see by the White plastic that I've added in near the Cab door.

Lima locos pic 9

Pic 9 shows the opposite side of these loco's plus the Rear End mod's for the New South Wales versions along with the Front End mod's under the Cab next to the ladder.

Lima locos pic 10

Pic 10 shows a close up view of the Rear Ends & where I've had to fill in the windows for the correct 42 class detail , you'll notice that I've also begun the repair work to the Rear Cab of the VR "S" class body which you'll get to see a bit further down this page.

Lima locos pic 11

Pic 11 shows the different Front Ends with my original 4201 rebuild on the Right of this pic with the #2 rebuild to the Left of it & rebuild #3 & #4 to the Left of those ( i.e 4201 in the 125th colours & S300 ) when completed.

Lima locos pic 14

Pic 14 shows the Bogie Frame from the other side with the coupling now in place.

Lima locos pic 15

Pic 15 shows how it looks when placed back where it goes without the Body on the Chassis.

Lima locos pic 16

Pic 16 shows how it looks with the Body in position , It's here that you can see how I've needed to remove the remainder of what's left of the Rear End roofline & before I make a new replacement peice.

Lima locos pic 17

Pic 17 shows the new replacement Roof piece which was cut from a narrow strip of thin Brass , then formed to shape & then trimmed to suit the correct profile.

Lima locos pic 18

Pic 18 shows the replacement Roofline from the underside.

Lima locos pic 21

Pic 21 shows a close up view of the loco wiring that I've installed.

Lima locos pic 28

Pic 28 shows both of them outside the workshop in better light & before the 2nd coat of Yellow is applied to them.

Lima locos pic 35

Pic 35 show the "S" class body now fitted back onto the Chassis & coupled up to the carriages that I intend hauling with it ; The train that this is "supposed" to represent is the "Spirit of Progress" which ran from Melbourne to Sydney on Australia's East Coast.

Lima locos pic 36

Pic 36 shows how the replacement "Hornby" coupling looks when fitted correctly to the Lima loco , at this point of the rebuild - I still need to apply the 2nd coat of Yellow & tidy up the paint work before applying the decals.

Lima locos pic 37

Pic 37 shows all 6 of these loco's fanned out for display & nearing the end of their rebuilds ( except for the Hornby loco as a rebuild ) , The only items to be done now is to finish off the 2nd coat of Yellow paint on the "S" class loco & apply the decals & hopefully make ( or buy ) the 2 Pilot Beams for the 2 missing ones plus replace the window glazing & then they'll be complete again & ready for service.

Lima locos pic 38

Pic 38 shows the same group of loco's but from a slightly different angle ; For those who might be interested - I currently have 2 videos of this project up on You Tube with part 1 being & part 2 being which will show how this rebuild was done & which you can watch by clicking on this pic above or you should be able to "copy & Paste" this URL into your web browser & watch via another tab whilst keeping this one open for reference.

Lima locos pic 39

Pic 39 shows the complete collection of Hornby VR ( Victorian Railways ) coaches that this loco will be expected to haul & forming the Spirit of progress train in HO scale.

There are a few more pics to be added here soon of these but they might have to wait until next month as I haven't quite completed these just yet.

Lima locos pic 40

Pic 40 shows 4201 in the 125th anniversary colours just about complete , by now I've got these detailed parts done & all I'm waiting on now is the Decals to complete this project ; more pics on these loco's will be uploaded to this site as soon as I can ( perhaps in 2018?? ).

My HO scale D53/D54 class Loco & Turret Tender.

Although my home p.c had been destroyed by "some" means in the latter half of 2014 ( owing as to the lack of up-dates ) - I'm now re-building my web pages yet again & in October to December 2014 I'd made an "N" scale model of an "N.S.W.G.R. C36 class loco for someone who lives in N.S.W. & around Feb / March 2014 I'd began this project of a N.S.W.G.R. "turrett" tender - I've only just got back to this project & have just about completed it with the intentions of making the loco to go with the tender as well.

Tender pic 1

Although I can't find my original pics from when I started this project back in ( 2014 ) - Pic 1 shows the Turret Tender part way into its construction ; the "Wheat Bix" cereal card that's in the pic shows a "complete loco" which has this type of tender fitted to it hauling a lengthy load.

Tender pic 17

pic 17 shows the "N" scale D53/54 class loco that I'd made several years ago which I'm working from as a guide along with the Data Sheet plans & is numbered 5461 , loco 5461 is preserved by the N.S.W. R.T.M. (Trains Heratige N.S.W. ) & can be found at the Valley Heights loco depot in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney.

Tender pic 26

pic 26 shows the Body now back on its Chassis & with the whole thing looking great so far.

Tender pic 30

Now , For the Loco part - pic 30 shows the loco Running Boards , Cab sides & Boiler Barrell all marked out & ready for the next step.

Tender pic 31

pic 31 shows the next step with the Port Hole windows now drilled out & the Cab sides now glued together & just sitting on the Running Boards for now.

D54 class pic 23 ( pic 52 )

pic 52 shows the 2 side frames now in the upright position.

D54 class pic 114

Pic 114 shows the Body work back in place to see how the loco looks for now ; you might notice that I have added 1 of the 2 Water Delivery pipes onto the Boiler.

D54 class pic 115

Pic 115 shows the loco Foot Plate temporarily glued into place with a drop of Contact glue while I work out as to how I'm going to make the Foot Plate Hinge plus the pipe work & Handrailing that I've also done too.

D54 class pic 121

Pic 121 shows the loco Fireman's side profile , with the Chassis now painted Black since this pic was taken & the 3 remaining counter Balance Weights done too - the next section to be tackled soon will be the cylinder Guide Bars & Coupling Rods etc but this update is about 1 month behind the actual progress which I hope to get all up-to-date asap as there's HEAPS of work now done on this loco since these pics were taken.

As there's been quite a fair bit of work done on this loco during July / August 2017 - I hope to include quite a few new pics with the next update all going well.

D54 class pic 128

Pic 128 shows the Reversing Rod now fitted as well plus the main body painted in the Etch primer coat that goes on before the main coats of Black paint are applied.

D54 class pic 134

Pic 134 shows the 2nd attempt at the Guide Bars located into place ; these came out much better than my 1st attempt.

D54 class pic 135

Pic 135 shows how it looks when the Running Boards are re-fitted for testing.

D54 class pic 139

Pic 139 shows the side view of how the new Connecting Rods look before I make the other parts that will join with these parts ; part 1 of this stage of the project can be seen on You Tube via this link here - or by clicking on this pic to see part 1 , part 2 shows the making of the rods if you're interested??

D54 class pic 140

Pic 140 shows how it looks with the loco body replaced yet again.

D54 class pic 143

Pic 143 shows a closer view of things , there's a "slight" error with the Crosshead sitting a bit lower down than it "should" be but it doesn't phase me at this stage.

D54 class pic 144

Pic 144 shows the progress now with everything in place again ( for now ).....

D54 class pic 145

Pic 145 shows a "closer" view as it "was" earlier in Sept 2017.

D54 class pic 150

Pic 150 shows the loco & Wheel Guards from the underside.

By Sunday the 17th of September 2017 this loco is just about complete ( that's how far behind these pics currently are ) & I hope that you'll appreciate the hard work that I'm doing , thus my updates are lagging well behind my computer usage.

D54 class pic 151

Pic 151 shows the Front Ladder ( Shunters Step ) now in place along with the Hand Rail & this will be painted very soon.

D54 class pic 152

Pic 152 shows the Riight Hand side of the loco ( Fireman's side ) with some of the pipework now done.

D54 class pic 153

Pic 153 shows the Grab rail ( Hand Rail ) & Shunter's Step now painted & the Buffers are soon to follow.

D54 class pic 154

Pic 154 shows "some" of the details that are near the Cab on the Driver's side.

D54 class pic 155

Pic 155 shows the beginnings of the Air Compressor which is made from some Aluminium Tubing & some scrap plastic off cuts which uses some MIG welding wire for the compressor shaft.

D54 class pic 156

Pic 156 shows the completed unit & it's associated pipework just before fitting onto the loco.

D54 class pic 157

Pic 157 shows the Air compressor now glued onto the loco's Boiler.

D54 class pic 158

Pic 158 shows how it looks when re-assembled.

D54 class pic 159

Pic 159 shows the 4 circles that I'd drawn onto some scrap paper which will become the 4 Boiler Inspection Cover Plates when done.

D54 class pic 160

Pic 160 shows just 2 of the 4 Boiler Inspection Cover Plates now glued into place.

Note: All these pics were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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